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Chris Pratt trolls ‘woke critics’ not happy with his new show

Chris Pratt trolls ‘woke critics’ not happy with his new show

The Hollywood stars new Amazon series The Terminal List has been panned by critics

Chris Pratt has hit back at critics who are blasting his new Amazon Prime series The Terminal List - which has received less than glowing reviews since last month's worldwide release.

The Hollywood actor stars as James Reece in the new thriller series, taking on the role of a Navy SEAL who returns home from action, only to discover the war has followed him.

While viewer feedback has generally been very positive, it's safe to say critics haven't enjoyed the streaming platform's latest action release quite as much.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the disparity between critics' and audience reviews makes for fascinating reading.

The Terminal List, which premiered last month, currently sits on a 39 percent score with critics, while audiences gave it 94 percent at the time of writing.

One particularly sharply-worded review on the site claimed the series's 'unrelenting gruffness is no meat and all potatoes' - although it did at least praise Pratt's commitment to the role.

Variety were similarly unimpressed by the Jurassic Park star's latest foray into the action world, calling it a 'miserable sit that would be tough to take as a two-hour film'.

Audiences clearly aren't paying much attention to the critical response, however, as viewing figures have so far been very good for The Terminal List.

The Terminal List has performed poorly with critics.
Amazon Prime Video

Indeed, this fact was pointed out by Pratt himself on Instagram.

In a short story uploaded on Monday, the 43-year-old put up a picture of Mike Myers as Dr Evil, with the caption: 'One point six BILLLLLLLLION minutes' - highlighting that viewers had watched 1.6 billion minutes of the show in the month its been out.

In addition, Pratt shared an article on the series from the Daily Mail, with the actor drawing people's attention to the line 'Chris Pratt's new Navy Thriller The Terminal List defies woke critics'.

Many of his fans were equally glowing about the new series, pointing out how much they enjoyed it on social media.

Chris Pratt responded to critical reviews by boasting about the show's viewing figures.

One fan on Twitter described the show as 'an action-packed rollercoaster with a great and gritty style,' adding that they 'couldn’t stop watching'.

Another viewer wrote: "This is the best TV show to come out in a while. Chris does an amazing job playing the part of a navy seals commando, taking vengeance on those who killed his team.

"I was on the edge of my seat the entire season. I dunno what’s up with the critics, but they are completely out of touch with the audience and reality. I watched it twice back to back. Great show."

Alongside shooting the Amazon series, Pratt has also been busy filming several big screen projects, with the actor set to return for the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3 movie that is slated for release early next year.

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