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Mystery behind Bermuda Triangle disappearances finally 'solved' by scientist
Featured Image Credit: Youtube/Ridddle NOAA/Getty Images

Mystery behind Bermuda Triangle disappearances finally 'solved' by scientist

Documentary Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle might finally have the answers we are looking for.

The decades-long mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle disappearances has finally been 'solved', a scientist has claimed.

And spoiler alert - it's nothing to do with aliens.

The 500,000 square kilometres area in the North Atlantic Ocean has been blamed for the loss of several planes and hundreds of ships.

From 1945 to 2017, there has been approximately 10 reported incidents where aircrafts have gone missing in the area.

And from 1800 to 2015, which is a heck of a long time, there has been roughly 14 reported incidents at sea where hundreds of people on board various ships have mysteriously vanished.

Despite a number of theories over the years, it has never really been known why.

While some conspiracists often look to supernatural forces as a possible explanation, it seems that Channel 5 documentary, Secrets of the Bermuda Triangle, might finally have the answers we have been looking for.

The decades-long mystery behind the Bermuda Triangle disappearances have finally been 'solved', an expert has claimed.

Speaking on the doc, Nick Hutchings, a mineral prospector, said: “Bermuda’s basically a sea mountain – it’s an underwater volcano. 30 million years ago, it was sticking up above sea level.

“It has now eroded away and we’re left with the top of a volcano.

“We have a few core samples, which have magnetite in them. It’s the most magnetic naturally occurring material on Earth.”

Hutchings then conducted an experiment using a rock sample and a compass.

After placing the rock on a flat surface, the compass was moved over it, and the needle moved like crazy.

This is not because of supernatural forces, but rather the fact that the rocks contain magnetite, which render the device useless.

“You can just imagine the ancient mariners sailing past Bermuda. It would be very disconcerting,” Hutchings explained.

So, simply put - people just got lost.

But, if you don't believe him, here is another theory.

The Bermuda Triangle has mystified people for centuries.
NOAA/Getty Images

Filmmaker and YouTuber Harris has offered a much simpler explanation.

Taking to the video-sharing platform, he explained how a data-based approach is needed when talking about the mysterious area.

He said: "Humans have developed an amazing tool for seeing reality... we can collect hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of observations about the world and they don't have to fit in our brains all at once because we can record them over time."

Harris then makes the bold conclusion that the area is actually not dangerous due to the lack of incidents in such a long period of time.

"If you did that you would see that of the tens of thousands of recorded accidents or casualties at sea recorded over the course of 20 years, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary here," he explained.

So there you have it, unless you still want to blame aliens.

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