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Plastic and fantastic: Barbie’s hot pink Dream House brought to life in Malibu

Plastic and fantastic: Barbie’s hot pink Dream House brought to life in Malibu

Did you ever dream of having your own Barbie Dream House? This ain't the one the mean girls at school all had. It's better. It's real.

She's a Barbie girl. In a Barbie world.

And she's living by the beach in a cute pink house that suddenly appeared, apparently overnight. walk

Luckily for us, Miss B was feeling generous and gave Architectural Digest a walkthrough of her dream of a doll house.

So buckle up, apply your pink lipstick and brush out that pony tail.

It's time to see what plastic perfection can look like in the lead-up to Greta Gerwig's Barbie film, out July 21.

Australian treasure Margot Robbie took fans on a tour though the Malibu preoprty for Architectural Digest, and let's just say that big time Barbie fans are going to go ga-ga over this.

The real-life palatial plastic palace is, naturally, hot pink.

All over. From head to toe.And we're obsessed.

And so are Barbie fans young and old, it would seem.

Chatter about the palatial pink Malibu beach house kicked off on social media, with many in awe of the gaucheness of it all... and for the fact it just 'appeared'.

They used to much pink paint that the film triggered a worldwide shortage of the colour.

One user said: "A Barbie dream house? The marketing is literally INSANE no wonder there was a shortage of pink paint.

A second added: "I need to go and live out my childhood dreams except this time my brothers wont be there to mess up my Barbie aesthetic with their Power Rangers and dinosaur toys."

A third summed it up with: "Me: capitalism is a curse. Also me: I need the Barbie Playstation and the Barbie movie cup and the Barbie popcorn tub and the ombré pink Barbie Ruggable rug and the Pinkberry Barbie dish and the WHOLE ASS BARBIE MALIBU DREAM HOUSE."

Another quipped: "I like how they phrased this like it was an anomalous event."

Okay, so the home obviously ddn't justt appear .

The stunning Malibu home was originally listed on Airbnb in 2019.

The Dream House opening was to mark celebrate Barbie’s 60th anniversary.

She's looking pretty good, if you ask us.

Margot, give us your secrets Please.

Anyway, the home had a decimatingly pink makeover.

But will they open the home to fans? Can you live like Barbie for a day.

Honestly, we have no friggin' clue. But we did reach out to Warner Bros. for comment.

Featured Image Credit: AD

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