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35-year-old virgin turns to dating show to finally find love
Featured Image Credit: Lifetime

35-year-old virgin turns to dating show to finally find love

Sonali had quite a shock on the show.

A woman in her mid-thirties has turned to a dating show to look for her happily-ever-after moment in search of love.

Sonali Chandra grew up in a strict Indian household, and her father restricted who she was and was not allowed to date.

Now she appears to be making up for lost time by going on Lifetime’s 5 Guys A Week, where she not only dated, but lived with five different men in a week. I wonder what her dad would make of that?

Sonali really hit it off with Erik and chose him to be her mate, though with some of the things they discussed it's perhaps not a show you’d watch with the in-laws.

Despite choosing Erik in the show, she has since told TMZ that the couple split up after the show concluded.

Spoiler alert, Sonali is still a virgin, but you can check out all the fun and frolics of the show here.

A UK version of the show is available to watch on Channel 4, with the first two seasons available on their streaming platform.

It places the woman as the centre of attention, as the men compete for her affections in a series of relationship tests, which fast-track the ‘getting to know you’ phase of a relationship.

At the time of its release in January 2020, Gilly Greenslade, factual entertainment commissioning editor for Channel 4, said: "This simple format goes well beyond the realm of a traditional dating show. The pilot was hugely entertaining, but also explored what people actually want from their partners as well as offering a revealing – and sometimes surprising – insight into the male psyche."

Sonali received a big shock on the show.
Lifetime/Sonali Chandra

The theme of love and relationships is certainly a popular TV genre, with First Dates, Married At First Sight, The Undateables and Naked Attraction all being commissioned by Channel 4 in recent years.

First Dates and The Undateables are arguably the two tamest and supposedly most family-friendly of those shows, while Married At First Sight is full of conflicts and arguments galore, as two complete strangers marry each other.

Meanwhile, as the Naked Attraction title suggests, full naked bodies are on show in cubicles. The screens are lifted as the show goes on, with people’s genitals on full show, before their chests and faces are revealed. Not something you’d watching with your nan on a Sunday afternoon...

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