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Man who revealed what it was like 'being ugly' on YouTube finds love with woman who commented
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Never Give Up

Man who revealed what it was like 'being ugly' on YouTube finds love with woman who commented

A man who complained about being ugly seemingly has the most wonderful YouTube love story after finding it in the strangest place.

A man who argued that he was ugly on YouTube has found love and gotten married after an interaction in the most unexpected place.

Don’t consider yourself that attractive? Well, there is hope for you yet.

Now that doesn’t mean you need to completely change your appearance, personality or attitude, to the contrary.

One YouTuber who claimed that he was ugly has quite the success story that has inspired millions online.

But before we get to the triumphant conclusion, it's important to note where it all began.

In 2018, the man behind the YouTube channel Never Give Up uploaded a video entitled 'Being ugly: My experience'.

The Swedish YouTuber explained that he was feeling quite down and had been drinking.

In a seeming cry for help, he explained that ‘every video I come across is with a really attractive or ‘normal’ person. They have no idea how it really is’.

“My entire life I have been treated quite bad. I feel really alone, and I feel like I was going to search YouTube for people with the same issue as me, and that is being really unattractive.”

The Swedish YouTuber explained that he was feeling quite down about his appearance and had been drinking.
Never Give Up/YouTube

The YouTuber then listed all the physical features he doesn’t like about himself.

The saddening video went viral and has been viewed over 20 million times, but one comment has been pinned, where things take a brighter turn.

The comment was from a user called Juli.Romina.M and read ‘I actually think you’re kinda cute tbh. I mean it'.

This proved to only be the beginning as she went on to reach out to the YouTuber through discord and the pair began striking a connection.

This connection quickly evolved into love and the pair dated long-distance for a while before she flew out to Sweden.

And within a year, the pair had wedded, according to Juli.Romina.M, who went back to the video to confirm to those interested what had come of her initial comment.

Within a year, the pair had tied the knot!
Never Give Up/ YouTube

“Shortly after the wedding I remembered the first comment I ever made to him on his channel :p little did I know that the guy that popped up on my YouTube recommended and I thought he was very cute was going to be my husband," she said.

"Funny how destiny works."

In what would certainly be one of the most heartwarming YouTube stories, fans wished the pair many happy years together.

In a sweet message to his now wife, the Never Give Up YouTube channel’s X page now has a ‘I love my wonderful Juliana,’ message in the bio.

Who says romance is dead?!

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