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'Heartless' YouTuber criticized after he buys homeless man food and eats it in front of him instead

'Heartless' YouTuber criticized after he buys homeless man food and eats it in front of him instead

The content creator is being slammed for his behavior

A YouTuber has come under fire after buying a homeless man food only to eat it right in front of him instead.

The content creator has been slammed for the video and it has since sent the internet into a total frenzy.

People are rushing flocking to social media to share their reactions to the 'heartless' man's actions.

The young man behind the YouTube channel whatsuptre has recently gone viral for all the wrong reasons after causing a massive controversy online.

The young man tells his 9.23k subscribers: "Today, it's my job to make sure there's one less hungry person on the streets."

The YouTuber promised to get the homeless man a meal.

The YouTuber then walks behind a back alley and speaks to an older man who appears to be rough sleeping on the streets.

He says: "Hey, excuse me, sir.

"I was wondering, are you hungry by any chance, man?"

The man then nods as the content creator replies: "All right then I got you.

"What would you like? A Baconator, fries, drink - is that cool?"

The pair then fist bump before the YouTuber assures the tells him 'God bless you' before assuring him: "I got you. I'll be right back man."

As promised, he rocks up to a Wendy's fast food chain and appears to order the man a 'Baconator Combo'.

This is where it turns sour.

"He was so hungry."

The YouTuber walks up to the man holding the burger, fries and Sprite.

Instead of handing the man the food, who had his arms outstretched, the YouTuber decides to place it on the floor beside him.

"I was homeless myself," he claims, "so I want to make sure you get on the right path and, you know, you're always able to, you know, get back on your feet."

As he's speaking, the YouTuber then unwraps the man's burger and takes a bite out of it.

And, to add even more salt in the wound, the tells the man: "I want you to enjoy this."

The shot then pans to the man on the floor as he looks visibly disappointed and looks away with the overly text reading: "He was so hungry," with a teary emoji.

The young man then shovels a few more fries in his mouth and washes the whole thing down with soda.

"This is really good," he concludes as he starts walking off.

The shocking clip has gone viral online.

"Alright, take care. Have a nice day."

The video has since made its rounds on Twitter with over 26.5 million people viewing one of the reposted clips on the platform.

One Twitter user wrote: "The things people do to get attention even if it’s negative is beyond me."

"We should have more compassion for people that are struggling," commented a second, "really is heartbreaking!"

A third called the encounter 'heartless' while a fourth added: "Just when I thought 'pranks' can't get any worse..."

Others, however, claimed that the shocking video was staged.

"Staged. So many breaks and cuts in the video. They rehearsed this," penned one Twitter user.

Another highlighted: "Staged or not that was pretty evil actions on his part.

"I also still don’t understand the trend of doing kind things for others and needing to not only record it but proceed to post it to social media… it’s very interesting behavior."

It sure is.

YouTuber whatsuptre told UNILAD: "This video was an entire skit the man in the video Isreal has been around our neighborhood for years and is like a big brother to all the kids in the community we asked him if he wanted to be in the skit where I eat a burger in front of him.

"He agreed and the skit was I act like I give him food and then I walk away the video is cut and edited I came back to give him food and he left as I told him to do! This entire video is being taken out of context."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/whatsuptre

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