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People shocked after woman spotted walking 'mutant beast'

People shocked after woman spotted walking 'mutant beast'

Footage of the mysterious creature is thought to have been filmed in the United States.

Get your thinking cap on and start coming up with some theories because footage of a woman walking a 'mutant' beast has left internet users baffled.

From UFOs to Bigfoot, there are all sorts of unexplained sightings out there. However, usually the reason these sightings are unexplained is because they're filmed from afar, with blurry footage showing the object or creature far out of the way of humanity.

The reason this particular beast is so baffling, then, is because it's filmed from a relatively close distance, and is being walked by a woman who doesn't look at all phased by the huge creature at the end of the lead she's holding.

Check it out below:

The footage was uploaded this week to World Star Hip Hop by a user who went by the name PSmooth. There's no context added to the video, but the accents of those behind the camera indicate it was filmed somewhere in the United States.

In the clip, a child can be heard exclaiming that the creature is 'big' before the mum questions whether it's a wolf or a dog. The child confidently responds to say it's a 'dog', but the mum isn't so sure, replying: "Or a beast."

Now, I have to admit that I can't imagine the woman in the clip would casually and voluntarily be walking some unidentifiable beast on a lead through the streets - more likely, she knows exactly what it is and hangs out with it every day.

That's not to say it's not baffling, though,

Footage of the giant creature is thought to have been filmed in the US.

The massive creature is covered in grey fur and appears to be at least a few feet tall when on all fours. The footage only shows it walking along the ground, but I certainly wouldn't want to see how big it could be on its hind legs.

In the one day since it was shared online, the video has racked up more than 230,000 views and prompted a lot of discussion about exactly what the creature could be.

Some people speculated it could be an actual hyena, while one person described it as a 'f*cking mutant that escaped from a lab at The Pentagon'.

Other, less alarming, suggestions expressed belief it was either a large Irish Wolfhound or a Scottish Deerhound. Wolfhounds can grow up to 2.9 feet, while Scottish Deerhounds can reach 2.6 feet.

In spite of their size, both breeds are considered calm and affectionate, meaning they'd definitely preferable to a hyena. Though to be honest, pretty much anything would be preferable to a hyena.

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