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Woman shares video of the moment her plane crashed on way to the Maldives

Woman shares video of the moment her plane crashed on way to the Maldives

The TikToker was travelling on a propeller plane when it had to make an emergency landing

A TikTok user has shared footage of the terrifying moment her plane crashed into the water as she was travelling in the Maldives.

Daniela Costin, founder of Miss Continental UK, was no doubt hoping to enjoy the white-sand beaches and stunning blue sea when she arrived in the Maldives, but things quickly became less than relaxing when the engine of her propeller plane stopped working in the midst of the flight.

The pilot of the plane was forced to make an emergency landing, while Costin captured the moment the aircraft bounced off the water as they sought to land.

See the scene unfold below:

I have to admit, I can't imagine whipping my phone out to film my plane going down would be the first thing I'd do in that situation, but I suppose there's no way of knowing until you're in it yourself. Maybe watching the scene unfold through her phone screen, like I'm sure many of you are now, made things seem less real for Costin?

Thankfully, the aircraft she was travelling on appeared to be a seaplane, meaning it was equipped for landing on water. Once the aircraft was successfully on not-so-dry land, the passengers appeared to have to get off the plane as it floated on the ocean.

Costin's video shows one man wearing a lifejacket and swimming in the water while a nearby boat appeared to be on hand to offer help to those on board.

Words written over the top of the footage read: "The moment my plane crashed in the Maldives," while a caption alongside the clip described it as the 'scariest moment of [her] life'.

The pilot was forced to make an emergency landing when the engine stopped working.

The TikTok video has racked up thousands of views at the time of writing (13 August) after being posted less than 24 hours ago. One commenter described the scene as 'terrifying', while another noted the plane may have been salvageable due to it being built to land on water.

Though the ordeal is one no one wants to experience, Costin appeared to escape unharmed and later posted videos of her posing by the pool and travelling on a boat.

According to Skybrary, emergency landings can happen in all sorts of environments, including on runways, in fields, and in the water.

Though I'm sure any safe surface would be preferable to hurtling uncontrollably through the air, I suppose the inviting, clear Maldives ocean is at least one of the more attractive places to land!

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Featured Image Credit: @dannacostin/TikTok

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