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Woman Sick Of Paying Bills Now Lives In Her Car

Woman Sick Of Paying Bills Now Lives In Her Car

Nikita Crump moved into her car after struggling to cover the cost of daily life

A woman has been living in her car for more than two years after getting sick of paying bills and struggling with the cost of living.

Nikita Crump, from North Carolina, moved into her trusty Honda Civic in 2019 after she found herself unable to afford basics such as food, instead choosing to skip meals in a bid to save money as she was 'slowly and steadily going into debt'.

Rather than continue down that path, Nikita decided to cut out her biggest bill – rent. She moved into her car and is now able to 'live a happier life' as a result, spending her days going to coffee shops, enjoying the outdoors and sharing videos on TikTok.

Nikita was working full-time when she first moved into her car, though she said her hours were at 'the legal minimum' and she barely made any money. She got a second job to try and earn more money and was ultimately made full-time there, at which point she left her first job.

Following her success online though, Nikita said she was able to quit her job altogether to dedicate her time to creating content.

She now shares insights into her life living in her car, answering questions about her day-to-day life such as how she keeps clean and keeps track of her belongings, as well as the adventures she has along the way.

The vlogger has shared a number of safety tips for car-life, telling her followers she uses Google Maps to help her find places to park her car at night.

She uses the app to look for a nice neighbourhood, which can usually be identified by the presence of 'swimming pools and large houses', then she checks to see whether there are other cars parked on the nearby streets.

Once she knows she can blend in, Nikita parks up and gets ready for bed by setting up window covers. The TikToker sleeps in her back seat, with a portable fan ready to go on hot evenings.

When it comes to other daily essentials, Nikita receives her post by having it sent to a PO box, charges her devices using a portable charger, and showers by using the facilities at a gym. She does her washing at a laundromat, and uses the bathroom in shops.

Though her way of life has proved money-saving, a number of her videos come with TikTok disclaimers saying, “Participating in this activity could result in you or others getting hurt.”

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Featured Image Credit: @nikitacrump/TikTok

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