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Woman somehow makes her entire stomach disappear in baffling video

Woman somehow makes her entire stomach disappear in baffling video

A woman has baffled everyone after somehow making pretty much her entire stomach disappear.

A woman has left people absolutely baffled after a video showed her being able to pretty much make her entire stomach vanish.

There are lots of us who might think we could do with a little bit of our belly vanishing, especially right after polishing off a big meal, but one woman has shown she can make her entire stomach vanish.

Performing the trick on camera, it shocked the life out of the two guys in the viral video she was filming alongside, with one of them even poking a finger into the empty void where her stomach used to be.

Check it out:

A few seconds later she relaxes and looks entirely back to normal, leaving everyone watching with the slightly disturbing sight of watching someone's stomach disappear and reappear in a matter of seconds.

This isn't even like sucking in your chest a little bit to look slightly thinner, her entire belly literally seems to vanish.

She manages to make her stomach disappear almost entirely to the point that her ribcage is sticking out and beneath it there's just a shadowy void where the rest of her should be.

The woman filmed herself and showed the camera what she looked like normally.

The video ended up being posted to Reddit, where loads of people ended up being baffled at how she could make a big chunk of her body seemingly disappear.

One person wrote 'oh Jesus f**k what the hell even', while someone else joked 'weird flex, but okay'.

Someone else pointed out that if you really look hard enough 'you can see her spine', which is a bit of a worrying thing to see in a person facing you.

Others who'd tried the exercise themselves suggested anyone wanting to give it a go should try to breathe in while holding their nose.

The explanation for all this isn't witchcraft (though it sort of looks like it at first), it's a very specific sort of exercise called the 'stomach vacuum'.

One second her stomach is there and the next it's gone.

If you want to try it for yourself you first need to stand up and put your hands on your hips, then breathe out as much as possible so all the air is gone from your lungs.

Then make your chest as big as possible to make a bit of space for your stomach to go and suck it all in as tightly as you can like you're trying to push your belly button into your spine.

Think of it like trying to take a deep breath without actually breathing in so your stomach gets sucked in deeply without lungs full of air to get in the way.

If you're worried about this being an unhealthy thing to do then don't worry, it's actually a decent exercise for your core and won't smush all your internal organs together.

Just remember to breathe in again once you're done.

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Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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