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Woman lives in mansion 'house share' with 70 other people

Woman lives in mansion 'house share' with 70 other people

Trish has given TikTok users an insight to her life in the giant home

What's your limit for a house share? Maybe two, three other people? How about 70?

Admittedly that sounds like more of a hotel than a house share, but with shared kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and a laundry room, TikTok user Trish is right at home.

The 25-year-old lives in San Francisco - a city home to more than 800,000 people, 69 of who live alongside Trish in their giant mansion.

A tour of the home revealed a lobby area and mail room, a cinema room packed with comfy seats, a living room filled with desks and computers, a huge kitchen and seating area and even a gym.

The home offers private, double and triple rooms, some of which come equipped with sinks while residents in other rooms have to rely on the shared facilities.

Dozens of people all share the communal areas.

Given that most people can't imagine living with more people than they can count on their hands, Trish's insights to her living situation has naturally received a lot of interest from viewers.

It's common for people to choose a house share in a bid to save money, but Trish has told followers that the benefit of living in her home is 'absolutely NOT the price', but rather 'the flexibility of it and getting to live with people [she loves]'.

The residents in the home looking to have a room of their own could face prices of up to $1,650 (£1,390), while those in a double room could pay up to $1,150 (£970) and those in a triple are looking at a price of more than $800 (£675).

However, because Trish moved in at a time when there was less demand, she's managed to get away with paying slightly less.

The TikToker said she didn't recommend the lifestyle for everyone, but that for now it 'makes [her] happy'.

Viewers are fascinated with the insights to Trish's life.

Trish explained: "I'm fully aware that I could live in another place in San Francisco that is a lot more affordable, and that I could move in with some friends and split it... That's not why I live here."

The 25-year-old moved to San Francisco in September 2021 after getting an internship opportunity, and decided to move in to the giant home to be with others who 'enjoy living in a community'.

She initially planned just to stay for one month, but more than a year later she's still enjoying life in the house that some viewers have compared to a 'hostel'.

"I love all the friends that I'm making, I love the sense of community that we have, I just really enjoy the fact that I come home and there's a lot of people around," she concluded.

Featured Image Credit: @trishalishhh/TikTok

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