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Woman lets husband have sex with other women to 'make him happy'

Woman lets husband have sex with other women to 'make him happy'

The 'traditional wife' says around '98 percent' of her day revolves around her husband

A self-proclaimed ‘traditional wife’ says she allows her husband to sleep with other women to keep him happy.

Monica Huldt and husband John spoke about their unusual relationship setup and how it works for them, despite negative comments from some people in their lives.

You can see them talk about it here:

Appearing on the YouTube channel Love Don't Judge, stay-at-home ‘traditional wife’ Monica, 37, says that ‘98 percent’ of her day revolves around her husband and ensuring his needs are met.

Monica said she has a ‘submissive side’ and that taking care of people is how she shows love.

She explained: "I enjoy being a traditional housewife because that's my love language. I love to make people I love feel good.

“It's not like I'm a hopeless little girl, it's not that. It's just he's assertive and I like that in a man."

And when it comes to making sure her other-half is happy Monica takes it one-step further than most and even allows him to sleep with other women, if that’s what he wants.

Monica and husband John have been together for six years.
YouTube/Love Don’t Judge

The couple say that the extra-marital sex is just a ‘small part’ of their relationship and insist they are both ‘cool with it’.

John said: "It's a luxury I have that probably most guys wish they had, just because of genetic programming. If you look at all the other mammals, how they do it, typically the alpha male gets to bang all the females.

"I think it just makes for a much more relaxed relationship because there's nothing in my life that I desire that I can't have. And I think that makes me a better husband."

Monica appears to agree with her husband's opinions on sex, adding: "I feel like, as a female, I have a different view on sex than a male does. So for a guy, it's just a fun thing. I know in my heart that he loves me because he comes home to me, he takes really good care of me."

The pair say the unusual setup works for them.
YouTube/Love Don’t Judge

Elsewhere in the interview, Monica admitted that not everyone is supportive of their relationship and recounted one experience when she was told by a childhood friend that she had ‘lost her dignity’ and urged her not to have children as she ‘would be a horrible mum’.

However, despite the odd mean comment, Monica insists the set up works for them.

​​"I can see how people that don't know us might think, 'oh that's not healthy', or 'that's bad', but I think if you're a good person and you're with someone you really, really love and you're soulmates, it's a whole different thing,” she said.

“I love my marriage and I love him, and I don't think there's anything stopping us from living like this always."

Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Love Don't Judge

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