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Company founder blown away by applicant's bold $500 pitch in attempt to get job

Company founder blown away by applicant's bold $500 pitch in attempt to get job

Paras Chopra praised the pitch but other people weren't so sure about it

The founder of a tech company has praised an applicant's bold pitch for a job which involved $500 and a direct message.

There are a few different ways you can land a job. There's the more traditional process of applying and interviewing, and there's the handy route of knowing someone in the business.

The traditional way to get a job is to apply and interview. (Getty Stock Photo)
The traditional way to get a job is to apply and interview. (Getty Stock Photo)

But there are also more obscure ways of getting the employers' attention, and for one hopeful person, it involved offering the founder of a company $500 to hire them.

It might sound like bribery, but allow me to explain further.

The pitch was shared on X by Paras Chopra, founder of the software company Wingify based in Delhi, India, and came in the form of a DM he'd received to his personal account.

In the message, the applicant explained that they wanted to work for Wingify, and they had a 'unique proposition'.

Chopra praised the bold pitch. (X/@paraschopra)
Chopra praised the bold pitch. (X/@paraschopra)

Rather than listing their expertise or unique talents, the applicant instead wrote: "I'll pay you $500 if you hire me. If I don't prove myself to be one of the best within a week you can fire me & keep the money.

"Saying this so I'll have skin in the game and not waste your teams [sic] time. Looking forward to your rejection."

Chopra didn't share any further details about the applicant, but he admitted he was blown away with the bold way they'd approached him.

Alongside the screenshot of the message, Chopra wrote: "This is how you get attention!"

The tech company founder went on to say that he would not take the money offered by the applicant, but made clear he was 'very impressed with the pitch'.

Chopra sparked debate after sharing the pitch. (X/@paraschopra)
Chopra sparked debate after sharing the pitch. (X/@paraschopra)

He wasn't alone, as his post has since racked up hundreds of likes from other impressed X users.

One person described the proposition as 'One of the best cold pitch[es] ever', while another said it was a 'nice play'.

However, one critic of the technique argued it could lead towards a slippery slope of people trying to out-pitch each other with increasing amounts of money.

"Some dude will offer $1,000 then $10,000...employers will start preferring people who'll pay more...," they wrote.

Though Chopra said he wouldn't take the money, it's unclear whether he had any further contact with the applicant or whether they were able to progress any further into the hiring process.

A lot of people think the person at least deserved a chance, though, with one saying: "If I were you, I’d at least give him a chance in some form- an internship? A small project to prove himself?"

Hopefully the person's confidence will land them their dream job soon enough!

Featured Image Credit: Getty Stock Images / X/@paraschopra

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