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Video of husband realizing his wife's stocking went unfilled for 10 years leaves people devastated

Video of husband realizing his wife's stocking went unfilled for 10 years leaves people devastated

Other wives have flocked to her defence

It's not uncommon for things to go unnoticed by husbands, but this guy went ten years without noticing a key aspect of Christmas.

I think we can all agree that Christmas typically falls on the females of the family to organize - including gifts.

And this husband proved to be a prime example of this when documenting Christmas morning with his family.

In the clip shared to Aubree Jones' TikTok of a previous Christmas morning, her husband Josh pans around a present-filled room and shows off the family's stockings (with even their dog having its own).

Josh then moves round to show an empty stocking lying across the couch.

"Whose is this?" he asks. "Is this an extra one?"

"No, that's mine," Aubree laughs.

Replying to her hubby's question of why it's empty, she says: "I don't know. Santa didn't come for me."

Hold on... I think I just heard the sound of my own heart breaking.

Aubree captioned the video, which has since generated over 11 million views: "It took him 10 years to notice it’s been empty this whole time."

Aubree Jones' video has been viewed millions of times.

She added on the video itself: "PSA for husbands everywhere. Your wife's stocking is your responsibility!"

People have since rallied around Aubree in the comments section and shared their sadness at her stocking having no gifts in.

"She laughs. But I knew inside it hurt," someone said.

"The moms create Christmas magic for everyone, including the dog but are forgotten every single year," wrote another.

A third went on: "All of us women felt that in our stomach. That hurt."

"I think this year I'm filling mine up and leaving my husband's empty," quipped someone else.

In light of the heat her husband has received, Aubree has since done a follow-up video where she's seen receiving other gifts from her husband.

She wrote: "Everyone is more upset with my husband than I am.

"It’s nice to have a stocking, but I wasn’t bothered by it. That’s why I laughed when he pointed it out.

"This was supposed to be a call out to other men who might not realize their wife doesn’t have a stocking."

She went on to slam some people's 'horribly rude are completely unnecessary' comments posted to her husband's personal page.

"He forgot to fill my stocking, but definitely remembered to make me feel loved and special through gifts and many other things," Aubree added.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@whataboutaub

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