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Terrifying simulation shows what would happen to your body if you fell into a meat grinder
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/atomic marvel

Terrifying simulation shows what would happen to your body if you fell into a meat grinder

You know, just in case you were wondering

Every now and again, we might find ourselves looking at something and wondering what would happen if…

What would happen if we ended up inside a jet plane engine? What would happen if you know, we just happened to be in space without a space suit?

Or maybe you’re having a good old look at a meat grinder at the butchers, wondering what happen if our body ended up in there.

Check it out here:

You know, just normal thoughts.

Well, a terrifying simulation shows just what happens if a body dropped inside a grinder.

A video posted by Atomic Marvel on YouTube shows the scary details.

And at first, it seems like it’s a struggle to shove us through – which could be good or bad news, I guess.

With some pretty gross sounding noise – almost like squelching mud – there’s some more action.

Flesh-coloured mince starts pushing out of the grinder with some force. It’s almost like little worms firing out.

Oh, and then the video gives us another – even grosser – viewpoint.

Here's what could happen if a body fell into a meat grinder.
YouTube/Atomic Marvel

We can see as the body goes through the grinder, with the legs wrapping around the metal as the whole body slumps down.

It’s squashed with the head going last as the human mincemeat fires out.

So, yeah, in case you’ve been wondering what would happen, it’s just as disgusting and painful-looking as you’d imagine.

And if you can’t get enough of this kind of sickening simulation content, let’s go back and talk about what would happen if you ended up falling in a jet plane engine.

As per another Atomic Marvel video, the human figure gets sucked into the engine before soon disintegrating into small red particles – a bit like a tomato being blitzed in a smoothie blender.

As you'd expect, it makes human mince.
YouTube/Atomic Marvel

Close-up shots show just how quickly death would arrive for the unlucky person, as there isn’t much left of the animated human within a few seconds.

What about if you ended up in space without your space suit?

Well, again, it unsurprisingly wouldn’t end well for you.

Within a few seconds, the gases in your body ‘start to expand’ and the air in your lungs ‘will cause your lung tissue to rupture’.

Then, within five seconds, the ‘water on the surface of eyes, skin and mouth’ start to evaporate, and the water in your blood ‘starts to boil’.

Eventually, your body will just get bigger and bigger, you’ll black out and your heart stops.

Happy, happy thoughts.

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