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Casino dealer absolutely cooks Twitch streamer that tries getting him fired
Featured Image Credit: Twitch/Capp

Casino dealer absolutely cooks Twitch streamer that tries getting him fired

The dealer was taking no prisoners

A FanDuel dealer was taking no s**t when a Twitch streamer starting winding him up.

FanDuel is an online gambling company and allows people to remotely gamble on games such as Blackjack.

And on a recent game, streamer known as Cap on his social media pages started threatening to get the dealer fired.

"F**k that motherf**ker," the dealer is heard saying, with Cap going on to share in a Twitch stream that he was talking about him.

"Getting fired? Who getting fired?" he proceeded to ask as he read the live comments.

"This is your last day, buddy," Cap proceeded to write, but the dealer was unfazed and replied: "That's why I got two jobs."

"You up at 4am in the morning playing Blackjack, f**king loser," he added.

In the now-viral Twitch video, Cap can be heard laughing at his response as it was evident the dealer wasn't in the mood for his antics.

"Sending that to your manager," Cap went on to taunt. "Your ass gone."

Cap has since shared a snippet of the stream on his X page and people said he was 'cooked' by the dealer.

The Blackjack dealer wasn't in the mood for Cap's antics.

"Ngl bro cooked yo ah [sic]," said one person.

"He owned you dog," wrote a second.

"HE COOKED YO ASS," a different person went on.

A fourth continued: "This is the funniest s**t I’ve ever seen. How do you get cooked by your own dealer."

Elsewhere, others were surprised that the dealer was a real person as many were under the impression that they were bots.

In contrast to Cap's threats to have him fired, others have called for the guy to be promoted.

"Manager gonna promote him for sure," said one person.

Another agreed, writing: "Someone get this man a promotion."

"Promote this man," insisted another.

UNILAD has contacted FanDuel for comment.

People on X undeniably found the situation quite entertaining.

While this streamer isn't thought to have faced any repercussions for the way he wound up the dealer, the same can't be said for Kick star Johnny Somali, who was arrested last year for harassing people in Japan.

In the video that lead to his arrest, Somali decided to bait Japanese locals and business owners with his rude remarks and public disturbances.

He was later charged after getting arrested for blasting out loud music and causing a scene in an Osakan restaurant.

Reportedly this wasn't the first time Japanese officials had confronted the streamer about his videos.

Prosecutors ordered Somali pay a ¥200,000 fine (£1,300).

Somali apologised, saying: "I'm embarrassed. I apologize to everyone I've caused trouble."

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