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Former server sparks debate after criticizing customers visiting the US who don’t tip

Former server sparks debate after criticizing customers visiting the US who don’t tip

A woman who used to work as a waitress as slammed 'entitled' customers

A former server has sparked an online debate about how much you should tip, hitting out at a specific group of customers.

Tipping has been an ongoing debate for quite some time, with servers and workers in the hospitality industry taking to social media to share their thoughts.

In one recent post, a woman claimed that if you can't afford a 20 percent tip then you shouldn't be eating out in the first place.

Elsewhere, another woman was fired from her job after she complained that she didn't get a tip on a bill totalling over $700.

Now, TikToker Dennise (who goes by the handle @dennisethemenace) has also weighed in on the matter, as she fumed about someone else's video after they took to the social media platform to complain about having to pay a $50 tip.

It's believed the woman complaining was someone visiting the States on a trip.

“For the longest time, Europeans have been preaching, ‘When you come to Europe, you have to abide by our social norms and our this and our that,'” Dennise says.

“But when you come to America, you’re crying and whining about a $52 tip?”

Dennise further hit out: "More times than not, servers are doing way more than just taking your order and bringing your food to you."

A woman has sparked an online debate about tipping.

Sharing her own experience of working at a sushi restaurant, Dennise claimed that she and her colleagues were always reluctant to serve European customers.

"I worked in a fancy sushi restaurant and, I’m not even joking, the servers never wanted to serve any of the Europeans because one: they knew they wouldn’t tip, and two: they were genuinely super rude," she alleged.

She added that being a server 'f**king sucks'.

In light of her bold allegations, people have commented on Dennise's video and shared their own thoughts on the matter.

"yall are too entitled!! imma give you what imma give u and that’s that," someone wrote.

Dennise didn't see the issue with the $52 tip.

"Waaait how are you saying '52 dollar tip' in that tone?? no way you think thats cheap," said a second person.

Someone else continued: "I always tip, but the expectations are out of hand. I tip based off service not how much you have to spend to tip out, take that up with corporate."

Another person echoed similar sentiments about taking the issue higher up, saying: "We should be fighting corporate not each other."

Meanwhile, others noted that despite what Dennise said, tipping isn't compulsory.

What are your thoughts?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@dennisethemenace

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