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Man discovers ‘plane seats’ washed up on beach

Man discovers ‘plane seats’ washed up on beach

A man questioned whether he found plane seats washed up on a beach in a TikTok clip that has gone viral.

A puzzled TikTok user has questioned whether he discovered plane seats while he was strolling on a Jersey beach.

TikTok user @Itsmatthewjacob was convinced that he had found plane seats that had washed up on a beach and made a video explaining his find.

In the clip, the TikToker, real name Matthew Jacob, filmed his discovery on a beach in Jersey.

He showed 4 connected seats that had likely been bolted down, wherever they were really from.

In follow up videos, he explained that he went on to call the police and report his findings and they collected the seats from the beach.

Speaking to him, they explained they would document the find and do their own investigation.

He was told if he wants to chase them up on their conclusion, he’ll need the police incident number.

Walking on the beach and finding airplane seats could potentially lead to more plane parts and seats washing up on the shore - creating a very eerie atmosphere and a lot of questions.

TikTok user @Itsmatthewjacob was convinced that he had found plane seats.

However, social media users were less than convinced.

“Plane seats have arm rests separating the chairs, definitely like a bus or train seat,” one user commented.

“Airplane seats have a total different mounting base. Every seat mounts to the floor of the aircraft,” wrote another.

“The only reason I don’t think they are plane seats is because all the seats don’t have arm rests, I’m ex flight attendant and never seen plane seats with without arm rest. However, I would have first thought same as you if I found it on the beach,” commented another.

Others explained that the seats could be from a train carriage and explained that New York has previously sunk train cars intentionally to create a manmade reef.

Social media users were less than convinced.

“It’s probably been said but it may be from sunken ferries for artificial reefs, I’m in DE & the Cape May NJ ferry is sunk off our coast,” one user wrote.

“It’s from subway cars …they put them in the ocean to create habitats,”

And what would the internet be without some dark jokes. As some users repeatedly joked the seats were from the 1996 Trans World Airlines flight 800 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean, and they were on the flight or working with those connected to the incident.

Others chose a more lighthearted approach.

“Definitely not plane seats. Plane seats have cushions and upholstery,” wrote one user.

“Seat mechanic here, those came loose due to the dinner trays not being in the upright position upon landing,” joked another.

“These are economy seats, if you want them actually secured to an aircraft that’s extra,” commented another.

What do you make of it?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/itsmatthewjacob

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