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Woman reduced to tears as 400 people tune in to watch her paint on livestream
Featured Image Credit: newkentart/TikTok

Woman reduced to tears as 400 people tune in to watch her paint on livestream

TikTok creator Karen King was very emotional as the numbers on her recent livestream unexpectedly built

A woman on TikTok was reduced to tears earlier this week after 400 people tuned in to watch her paint on a livestream.

With so many people making content on the likes of TikTok and YouTube these days, it's no mean feat to make it big in the online space.

There are only so many KSIs and Logan Pauls in this world, though there are some remarkable stories further down in the online world.

One of them involves Karen King, who recently went viral as her TikTok account (@newkentart) blew up in a rather unexpected way.

Karen's page is a dedicated painting account; whether that be through lives or standard videos, she shows off her many creations to followers.

Well, in a recent TikTok live, Karen was painting a seagull when a bigger influx of people stumbled across the live while scrolling through the popular video site.

Karen has since uploaded the part of the livestream as a separate video, writing in a caption: "POV - you are painting live and suddenly get 400 people watching and you start to cry."

Karen has gone viral this week.

"Normally, I have earrings and makeup on and I have none of that today," as she saw the numbers start to build on her TikTok page.

But little did Karen know that was just the beginning.

"Oh my goodness… 134? No way," she said.

Tearing up, the TikToker added: "This is definitely the most anyone has watched, how silly of me."

Viewers absolutely loved the wholesome reaction, with many others flocking to the livestream to see her paint.

In fact, the live was being watched by a whopping 6,000 people at one stage - unprecedented numbers for Karen.

"It’s kinda embarrassing watching it back but the emotions were so real I couldn’t hold back," Karen added with an on-screen caption.

"Thank you all for being so supportive."

The creator was reduced to tears.

The clip of Karen's wholesome reaction has 1.6 million views on TikTok, while she now boasts over 65,000 followers on the platform thanks to her newfound fame.

Many have flocked to the comments section of the TikTok, and it's safe to say everyone loves Karen.

"Don’t ever apologize for showing human emotions. Well done," one person wrote.

A second added: "First time seeing you on my FYP and it's a pleasure to see a natural beauty inside and out, 1.2 million likes on your live earlier!!! Congratulations."

While a third remarked: "Less apologizing! Authentic emotion positively expressed is what makes us human."

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