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Woman reveals the 'correct way' to eat a sandwich
Featured Image Credit: soogia1/TikTok

Woman reveals the 'correct way' to eat a sandwich

She stitched a video in which someone was presented with a choice of the next bite, and people had a lot of thoughts

Of all the things that might be controversial, eating a sandwich is not one you might think would be up there.

And yet, here we are.

It all started when someone posted an image of a sandwich which was part-way eaten.

With mountains of turkey sandwiches incoming for Christmas, it's fair to say that this could be important in the coming days.

This wasn't anything fancy like a baguette or ciabatta, it was just a regular sandwich made with sliced bread.

But what was important was the shape. Viewers were given options A, B, and C. A was right on the end, B was sticking out with lots of filling, and C looked to be mostly crust.

And one TikToker has sparked debate after making a post with some very strong opinions about which option is 'correct'.

Now the obvious option here is B, because that's where the delicious filling is. But TikToker @soogia1 takes a very different view.

Which is your next bite?
TikTok / @soogia1

In a video posted on the social media platform, she said: "Please tell me there's no one out there who said that B is the next bite. He can't be.

"If this is your next bite, then you have nowhere to go except dry crust. No, no, no, we're planners.

"We're gonna plan we're planning our bites strategically."

But people had a lot of thoughts about the choice, with many simply saying that B would be the obvious next choice for them.

One replied: "Life is too short not to eat B first."

A second wrote: "B because you've been chewing the corners before that so now you need a good bite. Then you go for all the corners again."

B was NOT the correct option.
TikTok / @soogia1

A third posted: "B because I don't delay gratification and life is all just dry crust anyway."

But others agreed with Soogia, with one replying: "I would do the same thing … save the best morsel for last."

Another wrote: "Next bite is C and go exactly as you explained."

A third posted: "I like to save the best for last, so, my next bite would be C! I always get rid of all the dry areas first."

Of course the real question here is who made this sandwich, because they clearly did not do a very good job of distributing the filling evenly.

If they had actually done a proper job of making sure all the bread has an even share of filling, this would be a moot point.

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