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Woman shares ‘declassified’ CIA technique to reduce pain
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@stephanieamber07

Woman shares ‘declassified’ CIA technique to reduce pain

TikTokers are praising the method for making chronic pain 'vanish'

We’d try out all kinds to make that nightmare back pain from slaving away at our desks go away. Or maybe that knee that’s been aching since the weekend. Or the headache you’ve got from your neighbours kid playing outside all summer.

And TikTokers are claiming that a ‘declassified’ CIA technique is the answer to all our problems.

Stephanie Forlini posted a viral video to share a section of a 1977 document from the US’ intelligence agency which she says ‘stops pain’. Have a look:

She read out a method developed by the Monroe Institute of Applied Science as part of the CIA’s Gateway Program.

This training system was centred on brainwave output and involved changing states of consciousness with an aim of escaping restrictions of time and space.

Stephanie tried one of the techniques from their ‘daily life’, claiming it worked out for her.

She showed the section of the document explaining how to ‘reduce pain signals’.

“So you’re going to look at or visualise the part of your body that’s in pain and you’re going to repeat the number 5-5-5-1-5.

“When you do these two things the pain signals will slowly reduce until they are no longer important.”

The unusual technique in the declassified workbook of ‘daily tools’ is listed ‘for use in your physical walking life’.

Stephanie, who suffers from chronic back pain as a result of a car accident, says this method worked for her, and she’d ‘never play about this’.

Stephanie says it got rid of her chronic back pain.

And she’s not the only person claiming this works, with one writing in the comments: “I been having a back pain for several weeks and I just try this just to f**k around AND IT F**KING WORK, I’m shock.”

Another also put: “OK WTF! I’ve been experiencing excruciating lower back pain, I suspect it might be a slipped disc, doc’s appointment is tomorrow, this JUST worked for me.”

With one also writing: “Oh okay, not me with chronic joint pain having the first 30 seconds without back pain in like a year.”

And another joked: “CIA just released the new cheat codes.”

However, one did comment: “Ppl act like they don’t know about the placebo effect.”

And other added: “Dude I bit my finger very hard just to try this and it kind of worked, idk if it is just placebo effect or what but damn it actually worked.”

The techniques and tools listed in the documents are intended for those involved in the Gateway Program.

And if you are suffering with pain, it’s a usually a better idea to consult your doctor than TikTok.

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