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Pizza Hut restaurant goes viral after closing due to 'unforeseen circumcisions'
Featured Image Credit: Paul Weaver/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images / X/@adamgreattweet

Pizza Hut restaurant goes viral after closing due to 'unforeseen circumcisions'

The typo has entertained a lot of people

Remember accidentally writing 'orgasm' instead of 'organism' during science class at school? Well, this Pizza Hut restaurant has done the equivalent.

One of the pizza chain's restaurants in Ontario, Canada, has found itself going viral after a customer took a photo of a closure sign in its window.

The sign explained that it had to unexpectedly close its restaurant that day, but that it was still operating for takeout and delivery.

This isn't what's got people talking, however, as there was a rather amusing typo that's left people in stitches.

It reads: "Due to unforeseen circumcisions the dining room will be closed this evening!!

"Sorry for the inconvenience! Open for takeout and delivery only!!"

If you're mind automatically read 'unforeseen circumstances', you might want to give the sign a second look.

The photo has since gone viral on X and people have shared some very entertaining responses.

"I hate to know what caused the unforeseen circumcisions," said one person.

"That must’ve hurt," quipped another, as a third went on: "Guess they must have had to pull back on staffing costs and make some cuts."

"Unforeseen Circumcisions is the name of my new band," joked a different social media user.

Understandably the restaurant staff were left a little embarrassed, but they've taken the hilarious faux pas in their stride.

Putting up a new sign, they gave the nod to their previous mistake.

"In light of recent CIRCUMSTANCES, for a limited time when you buy one regular priced medium or large pizza for only $5," read the sign that was uploaded to Facebook by a member of Pizza Hut's staff.

The Pizza Hut restaurant have since put up a new sign.

The penned next to the snap shared on January 25: "We at Pizza Hut appreciate all our loyal customers!!! And how your having fun with our little mishap yesterday, Damn auto correct. We put up a new sign today."

Someone replied to the post: "Marketing done right," while another, noting the initial typo, bantered: "Thanks for snipping off a few bucks!"

"This is hilarious," said another.

Pizza Hut has been contacted for comment.

While this sign has gone down a storm with people, the same can't be said for one put up by Subway last year.

The sign was erected around the time the OceanGate Titan submarine imploded last summer, sadly killing all five of its passengers.

The sign outside the Rincon Subway restaurant read, 'Our subs don’t implode'. Yikes.

It went on to be labelled as 'tasteless' by many, as some urged Subway to 'do better'.

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