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Man issues disturbing warning over ‘tiny marks’ on toilet paper in public restrooms

Man issues disturbing warning over ‘tiny marks’ on toilet paper in public restrooms

A TikToker has issued a stark warning about some toilet paper in public restrooms as he urged his followers to keep an eye out

A man has issued a disturbing warning about toilet roll in public restrooms.

TikToker Dane Jones boasts a whopping 7.9 million followers on the platform, and often uses his TikTok as a way of sharing random trivia.

One piece of information he's shared of late is about toilet roll, and he claims his warning could potentially save someone's life.

Unless you're like a camel, there's a good chance you sometimes need to use a public restroom while out and about - but there's something Dane wants you to look out for.

A TikToker has issued a stark warning about public restroom toilet roll.

In the video that's amassed seven million views, the social media star shares an image of a large toilet roll on a restroom wall.

There are tiny little marks on the tissue and, while it appears harmless, it could actually prove really dangerous.

"If your toilet paper looks like this in a public restroom, you need to get out as fast as possible," Dane says in the clip.

It could save your life.

"If you look closely, you'll seen a bunch of tiny, red blood splotches - that is not from someone's bloody nose or a little accident.

"It's from someone cleaning their needles. Dirty needles, to be exact."

He goes on to note that it isn't clear if it's just one person who used the tissue to clean their needle, or if it was multiple.

"Keep in mind if you are using this toilet paper to clean yourself, all it takes is one tiny drop of blood to enter your system [and] you could easily contract a lifelong virus like HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, and hepatitis B," Dane further warns.

The chances are 'pretty low' that you'd contract HIV or AIDS from the tissue, however.

Dane proceeds to show a statistic that says that one in 300 healthcare workers accidentally stuck with a needle from HIV go on to get infected.

Symptoms of HIV and AIDS range from a fever and rash, to swollen lymph nodes and weight loss, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

The chances proved higher with hepatitis B though, with one in three workers being found to contract the virus from a needle if they haven't been vaccinated.

Hepatitis B symptoms include dark urine, clay-coloured bowel movements and jaundice.

Dozens of people have since replied to the video saying that they now have a 'new fear'.

"New fear unlocked," wrote one, as another said: "I’m never using a public toilet again."

"I already hated public restrooms and now this is happening?" added a third.

Featured Image Credit: dane_jones/TikTok

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