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Man who went on 2000-person cruise explains why he decided to take up nudism

Man who went on 2000-person cruise explains why he decided to take up nudism

He spilled all the beans on what it's really like on a nudist cruise

Would you ever consider going on a cruise with 2000 naked people?

For a lot of people, the concept of facing strangers in the nude, and being nude in general, is the kind of thing nightmares are made of. After all, we are conditioned to believe that public exposure is a crime and therefore can only be a bad thing.

But for many people, nudism, also known as naturism in different parts of the world, is a freedom that allows them to be at one with nature without the need to sexualize the human body.

It's fair to say that for those of us on the outside of these circles, we have a lot of questions. And luckily for us, one man who recently disembarked from a 2000-person nude cruise has come equipped with all the answers.

One Reddit user detailed his nudist cruise experience.

The man, who simply goes by the handle wisecommenter2, took to the Ask Me Anything forum on Reddit, where he opened up the floor to questions about his experience.

One Reddit user asked him to distinguish whether the cruise was simply for nudists or whether it was a 'swinger thing,' to which he responded: "This one was nudist. While couples may have met up for sex, there was nothing public about it."

Addressing some of the most frequently asked questions in his original post, the man, who attended the cruise with his female partner, confirmed that while the guests went unclothed, all the staff on the ship were fully dressed.

And, if you're wondering what they got up to, you might be surprised to hear that it sounds exactly like a regular cruise, with the only difference being that they had no clothes on.

"It was awesome," he wrote. "Great weather and the opportunity to do a bunch of fun things nude; beaches, resorts, dancing, be at bars, etc."

Nudist holidays are gaining popularity, it seems.
Marina Gr/Pexels

Meanwhile, many people wanted to know about the hygiene of the ship and more specifically, if it meant sharing seats with naked butts. The nudist confirmed, however, that there would never be a naked butt on any public space, ever, as they all carried round towels which they would place down on any public surfaces first.

When asked about the type of people who attended the cruise, he said the majority of people on board the ship were older, between 50 and 70, and noted that a lot of the crowd were gay men.

And most importantly, why did he choose to go on a nudist cruise, you know, as opposed to any other holiday where people don swim shorts and bikinis...

He wrote: "The 'why' is because it's a nice feeling to be nude, just like it's a nice feeling for a man to be without a shirt at the beach. Skinny dipping is great. Being nude at some of the world's nicest beaches is great."

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