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Man's 'durability test' video on a $240,000 Lamborghini Urus is making people cringe

Man's 'durability test' video on a $240,000 Lamborghini Urus is making people cringe

Social media users were quick to share their thoughts on the video

Viewers have been left cringing after watching a video of a 'durability test' on a supercar.

The clip shows a man tearing bits off a $240,000 Lamborghini Urus, including panelling on the outside, as well as lots of pieces of the car's interior.

In a particularly dramatic section, he even pulls off the steering wheel, seemingly with his bare hands.

He pulled off parts of the car.

Between pulling off pieces of the car he says its name to the camera.

But the video has left people feeling rather awkward as they piled in to share one crucial aspect.

By the time the man is done there's not much left of the panelling on the vehicle.

He rips off sections from both the car's bodywork, pulling away sections around the wheels, as well as from the inside of the doors and in the section between the seats.

Except, social media users pointed out that all is not as it seems in the video.

But why is this?

Several people piled into the comments to share their thoughts.

According to a community note underneath the video which was reposted to X, many of the components that the man pulled away could only be taken out if screws and cabling in the car were first removed.

The community note read: "The creator seems to have removed multiple fasteners before recording the video. See the example of how to remove a Lamborghini Urus interior door panel, where there at least three screws and additional cabling that need to be removed."

It also linked to a YouTube video showing the inside of the doors on the same model of car being removed, and there are indeed screws and cables holding in some of the sections that are ripped off.

Despite this, people still had a lot of thoughts about the video.

One person wrote: "I fix cars for a living. I fix the Audi/Volkswagen version of this car, they had to remove lots of bolts and junk to get most of this stuff to fall off it’s not that flimsy."

A second pointed out: "You guys know that super cars are built with a lightweight ethos right?"

After all, if the car is too heavy then it wouldn't be able to achieve the high speeds and performance which characterises super cars.

Someone else pointed out a fact which you might think would be obvious, writing: "What does he expect. It all came out of the factory in one piece?"

A fourth person also questioned the 'testing' methods, posting: "Alright, so which luxury car would hold up to this exact same level of destructive 'testing'?"

Featured Image Credit: YouTube

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