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DJ left raging after parents send him brutal note for waking up their two-year-old on Ibiza holiday

DJ left raging after parents send him brutal note for waking up their two-year-old on Ibiza holiday

The note has divided opinion online

A DJ in Ibiza was left reeling after a parent pushed a note through his hotel room door branding him ‘nasty and selfish’ for waking up their two-year-old.

DJ Bryan Checo works in numerous clubs on the Spanish island, but he was left stunned after being chastised by a parent in a handwritten note over the weekend.

The 26-year-old woke up to find the note on the floor, having been pushed under his door at some point during the night.

The note read: “You are the most selfish people, waking up a two-year-old.

“Nasty, selfish and absolutely no manners or respect.

“Dragged up s***s.”

Checo has since shared the note to Twitter, where people have questioned why parents would bring a child so young to a destination so well known for its partying.

One person wrote: “To be fair the selfish people in this scenario are the people who went to Ibiza despite having a two-year-old…”

Another said: “Taking a two-year-old to Ibiza and then making noise complaints is absolutely mind blowing."

The note was slipped under the DJ's door.

While a third commented: “F**king hell people are WILD Let’s take a two-year-old to the most notorious party destination on the planet and complain people are partying.”

However others sided with the parents, with one person writing: “To be fair, I have been going to the south side of the island since I was about two. Some parts of it are quiet/family resorts.”

And someone else said: “Who thinks that an entire Spanish island is a party theme park? Local people live there, as well as tourists that come to appreciate the landscapes and the culture, not only the discos.”

“Depends where in Ibiza doesn’t it? People with young families should be able to have holidays too,” another Twitter user pointed out.

The note has divided opinion online with some questioning why parents would bring a child to Ibiza.
Pixabay/kazuhisa toba

Earlier this year, officials in Ibiza announced that anyone attending an ‘illegal’ party could be fined $33,666 (€30,000).

Authorities on the Balearic Islands introduced the hefty fines as an attempt to put an end to 'irregular commercially-promoted parties'.

Vicent Marí, President of the Council of Ibiza, will be targeting the parties that charge an admission fee and promote their events without a license.

Mercedes Garrido, a member of the Balearic Government, has warned the organizers to think 'twice' before planning a boozy night.

"We have been looking for measures to stop illegal parties and to make organisers think twice when they plan a party,” she said.

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/@bryancheco_

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