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Fans think Rockstar Games hinted at GTA 6 with 10th anniversary photo

Fans think Rockstar Games hinted at GTA 6 with 10th anniversary photo

A viral X thread has compiled all the 'hints' pointing to a new Grand Theft Auto release.

A thread compiling all the possible ‘hints’ relating to Rockstar Games releasing Grand Theft Auto Six has gone viral.

On Sunday (17 September), the fifth instalment to the GTA series turned ten-years-old, and fans and the game makers themselves have taken to social media this weekend to celebrate the release of the iconic game.

Ahead of the anniversary, Rockstar Games took to their Instagram to post a cover image for the Grand Theft Auto Online 10th Anniversary Event.

However, one X user believes that the video game creators were using the picture to subtly hint towards the sixth game being released soon.

In a now-viral thread, they wrote: “Rockstar Games subtly hint at GTA 6 with a picture they posted to celebrate GTAV’s 10th anniversary featuring a plane heading towards the ‘VI’ sign, which wasn’t in the original."

They then put side-by-side images together of the original release picture and the new one before circling the planes.

Since the original post had been viewed more than 1.6million times, the original poster decided to continue the thread and post all the hints they think nod to GTA VI being released soon.

One X user made a case for Rockstar Games teasing the news Grand Theft Auto game.
X/Rockstar Games/@GTAVI_Countdown

“More hints: In GTAV, a poster of a Musical called ‘Vice’ hints at the male and female protagonists, Jason and Lucia with cops in the background indicating they’re inspired by the criminal couple, Bonnie and Clyde,” they continued.

A third post said: “In San Andreas Definitive Edition, a picture of a typical house in Miami, Florida can be found that wasn’t in the original.”

“In Vice City Definitive Edition, an R* shaped pool has 6 points added on the map instead of 5, which also wasn’t in the original game,” they continued and attached a picture of a ‘R*’ shaped pool.

Since viewing the possible insiders’ post, fans have flocked to the comments section to give their verdict on whether Grand Theft Auto Six is being teased.

The X user also believed a 'R*' shaped pool had been updated in GTA: Vice City.
X/Rockstar Games/@GTAVI_Countdown

“Bro be careful, make sure to stretch before you reach like that again,” said one X user.

Another said: “I think it's completely fair to make a ‘VI’ out of that electrical pole. It looks almost perfectly like a VI. There's no way that Rockstar overlooked that and didn't notice.

“Based on the city in the background of the classic shot, the newly released image is a different location, but, I do feel that it could be a different shot to purposely tease VI,” commented a third.

“Thats such a deep easter egg,” concluded a fourth.

GTAV was originally released by Rockstar Games on September 17 2013 via PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and has since gone on to become the ‘most financially successful media title of all time’.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Grand Theft Auto V, Rockstar announced a new event would be taking place in GTA Online this week.

In a post, shared with their 26.2million Instagram followers, they wrote: “To celebrate 10 years of Grand Theft Auto V in GTA Online this week with a trio of outfits inspired by Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.

“Plus, get bonuses on classic modes including 4X GTA$ and RP on Lamar and Trevor Contact Missions, and more.”

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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