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Backyard wrestling match between pink and blue is being called the 'greatest gender reveal' of all time

Backyard wrestling match between pink and blue is being called the 'greatest gender reveal' of all time

Even people who said they 'hate gender reveals' admitted this was 'awesome'

A couple have revealed the gender of their baby in 'the greatest' way by hosting a nail-biting wrestling match in the comfort of their own home.

Ah, gender reveals! Once upon a time, the big news of 'It's a boy!' or 'It's a girl!' was shared over the phone or with a modest bunch of pink or blue balloons. But oh, how times have changed!

Now, it's all about the grand spectacle, the show-stopping moment where expectant parents unveil the gender of their soon-to-arrive bundle of joy in the most creative and extravagant ways imaginable.

Reveal of the blue confetti (TikTok/ @rosssmith)
Reveal of the blue confetti (TikTok/ @rosssmith)

Imagine fireworks bursting in shades of pink or blue, elaborate cake cuttings revealing hidden colors, smoke bombs releasing the secret hue and sometimes even... pole dancers?

It's like a mini-Hollywood production, where suspense meets celebration, and everyone's on the edge of their seats waiting for the big reveal.

In this case, a newly imagined method of revealing the gender of their newborn-to-be, a video has gone viral after parents used a wrestling performance match in their back garden to reveal their baby's gender.

The family and friends of the parents-to-be spectating (TikTok/ @rosssmith)
The family and friends of the parents-to-be spectating (TikTok/ @rosssmith)

A TikTok video from @rosssmith has surfaced revealing two men, one in pink, one in blue, fighting with another man refereeing the match.

There is a large number of family and friends sat on makeshift bleachers surrounding the ring cheering on their favored colour, pink...or blue!

According to the video on TikTok, the two men enter into the ring (not-so-elegantly) in their lycra and begin battling. To begin with, there is a clear winner, as the pink contestant body slams onto the man in blue.`

Suddenly, much to the audience's surprise, the blue contestant arises from beneath the weight of the pink contestant and flips himself over a fold-out chair onto the already-floored pink contestant and subsequently wins the back-yard amateur wrestling match.

The referee crowns the blue contestant with a win.

Surrounding family and friends cheer with excitement after discovering...IT'S A BOY!

The blue contestant's final winning move. (TikTok/ @rosssmith)
The blue contestant's final winning move. (TikTok/ @rosssmith)

After the video was posted on Reddit, viewers were quick to share their praise for the video.

"Okay this was actually f***ing awesome," one person wrote.

Another added: "I hate gender reveals. I hate wrestling. How is this so awesome?"

"That is dedication to the bit. Bravo...," added a third.

So if you're looking for an enticing strategy for revealing the gender of your baby, it might be worth considering other forms of sports day competitions to host in your back yard.

Perhaps tennis doubles, the 100m sprint or even the egg and spoon race?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@rosssmith

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