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Woman left shocked by 'strangest thrift store find of all time' after opening doll's head
Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Star M. Staubach

Woman left shocked by 'strangest thrift store find of all time' after opening doll's head

A woman took to Facebook to share the 'strangest thrift store find of all time'

A woman has been left shocked by the 'strangest thrift store find of all time', and trust me, you won't be expecting what she picked up.

With how expensive literally everything is nowadays, thrift shopping for second hand items has become more popular than ever.

And those who embark on such a venture will know how successful it can be, with bargain deals on great items.

However, not all thrift shop finds are as good as they appear in store, just ask one particular Facebook user.

Nothing beats a good thrift shop find, does it?
Getty Stock Photo

Star M. Staubach, a blogger and writer at the HuffPost, took to the 'Goodwill and Thrift Store finds' Facebook page recently to share her latest find.

On a thrift shop hunt, Star decided to purchase a porcelain doll - a vintage item that tends to go for a decent amount of dollar.

Remarkably, she managed to bag the doll for just $2 - but with what Star found in it, she probably wishes she hadn't took the plunge.

While she was at work, Star's husband decided to take a closer look at the doll.

She explained on Facebook: "I bought a porcelain doll for $2. I saw markings on it. I thought it might be worth the $2 gamble.

"I’m at work and I get this text from my husband, 'Any guesses what’s inside this dolls head?'

"The STRANGEST thrift find I’ve ever had!"


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Well, Star's husband decided to open the doll's head and discovered something rather unexpected lurking inside.

All that can be really seen is some plastic packaging, but that didn't stop people from guessing as to what it could be.

"Am I the only one that immediately thought it was cream cheese," one Facebook user said.

"I thought for sure someone had lost their drug stash lol," a second added.

"I thought it was the cheese packet that goes into the microwaveable Mac & cheese cups," a third remarked.

Did you guess it correctly?
Facebook/Star M. Staubach

Thankfully, the guessing game stopped pretty quickly after Star revealed what it was.

"One dozen condoms! Strangest thrift store find I have ever had!" she wrote in the comments.

After discovering that unfortunate information, many other Facebook users flocked to the comments of the post.

"I bet the store didn’t even know they were in there. The doll must have been someone’s hiding place for their secret stash," one person suggested.

"That's a weird one for sure hahah, I found a whole dried out pot plant in a dresser I thrifted once," another recalled of their own experience.

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