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People hit out at 'entitled' DoorDash driver after 'rude' comment about customer's tip
Featured Image Credit: Lacey Purciful via ViralHog

People hit out at 'entitled' DoorDash driver after 'rude' comment about customer's tip

Apparently he didn't think much of the $5 tip he received

A DoorDash driver didn't hold back when it came letting a customer know how he felt about his tip.

Tipping has raised hundreds of debates over the years, most recently in New York where some restaurant-goers having noticed a new 'kitchen appreciation fee' being added to their checks.

Elsewhere, a manager went viral on TikTok in recent days after being filmed refusing to let customers leave the eatery without leaving a tip.

Whether it's a little (or a lot, if you're lucky enough to serve Post Malone), in my books you should be appreciative of anything that you get from a customer.

Last year, Lacey Purciful ordered a pizza to her home when her doorbell camera caught an extremely rude interaction with her DoorDash delivery guy.

In the clip, the man comes up to the door and rings the bell, with Lacey going on to answer the door pretty quickly.

He opens up the delivery and hands over the order (made up of two items).

"Thank you!" Lacey says enthusiastically as she takes the food, but apparently the DoorDasher wasn't in as good of a mood as her.

The woman's order only consisted of two items.
Lacey Purciful via ViralHog

"I just wanna say, it's a nice house for a five dollar time," the guy goes on to say while giving her a dirty look.

Lacey replies 'you're welcome', and the delivery man responds with 'f**k you'.

Looks like someone will be getting a $4.50 tip next time.

The video taken in July 2023 has since been widely distributed online, and people have had a lot to say about it.

"Just cause someone has money doesn’t mean they owe it to you," one person rightly pointed out on social media.

"His sense of entitlement is beyond word and then to be disrespectful," fumed another.

The DoorDasher was far from impressed with his tip.
Lacey Purciful via ViralHog

"The sense of entitlement of people these days is insane," echoed a third Facebook-user.

A fellow delivery driver also weighed in on the matter and criticized the man's behavior.

"I’m a delivery driver and I’d be fired immediately if I said this to a customer," they penned.

"They owe you nothing. It’s just nice when they do tip. He wouldn’t last a day in my hometown. I have regulars who order weekly and not a single tip ever. I’ve been there for 4 years."

Others urged the guy to find another job, and it sounds like he was forced to as the DoorDash driver was reportedly removed from the platform after the video of him went viral.

UNILAD has contacted DoorDash for comment.

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