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Dancing with the Stars contestant kisses dance partner and her reaction has everyone saying the same thing

Dancing with the Stars contestant kisses dance partner and her reaction has everyone saying the same thing

Dancers Emrah Fikret and Veselina Daneva shared an incredibly awkward moment on screen

We all know that live TV doesn't always go to plan, but arguably this moment made for TV gold.

There are dozens of versions of Dancing with the Stars, and it's a moment on the Bulgarian show that has recently got people talking.

Veselina Daneva is one of the professional dancers on the series and was teamed up with Bulgarian singer Emrah Fikret on the most recent series.

Veselina Daneva is a professional dancer in Bulgaria. (vesem.daneva/Instagram)
Veselina Daneva is a professional dancer in Bulgaria. (vesem.daneva/Instagram)

The season drew to a close in May, with Nedelia Shtonova and Atanas Messetchkov proving victorious as this year's winners.

In the weeks running up to the final, Fikret and Daneva were eliminated from the show and had a very awkward exchange on the night.

In a video doing the rounds online, after receiving the news that they'd been booted off DWTS, Fikret leant over and kissed Daneva on the cheek.

She responded to his gesture by glaring at him, which was spotted by some of their fellow contestants.

The whole thing was terribly uncomfortable, but arguably made for good TV.

A video of the exchange has been doing the rounds online and people have their own theories about what was going on between Dikret and Daneva.

But it was their fellow contestants' reaction that really got people laughing.

"It gets funnier every time you repeat it like there’s so many reactions," someone wrote on the TikTok video.

"It's the guy in the back," said another alongside a series of laughing face emojis.

A third added: "Everyone’s reaction is absolutely priceless."

"Every guy in the back is FLABBERGASTED," laughed another.

Others hailed the dancers who saw the awkward exchange as 'gold' for the way they responded.

The viral clip, which was shared back in April, has been viewed 12 million times at the time of writing.

UNILAD has contacted bTV for comment.

The whole encounter was very awkward. (kameliakrasimirov1/TikTok)
The whole encounter was very awkward. (kameliakrasimirov1/TikTok)

Things often go a bit pear-shaped on live television, something which a Mexican news channel knows first hand.

Back when the highly anticipated solar eclipse took place earlier this year in parts of the Americas and rather than show the eclipse taking place, the broadcaster seemingly showed a pair of testicles. Oops.

People who witnessed the moment on TV understandably found the situation pretty amusing.

One person quipped: "Somebody really dropped the ball on this one."

"Having worked in media my entire life - I can only imagine how much screaming there was in the locker room," added another.

Talk about a bad day at the office.

Featured Image Credit: bTV

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