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Costco sparks doomsday panic after offering 'emergency meal' kits
Featured Image Credit: TikTok/@charminglyfrugal

Costco sparks doomsday panic after offering 'emergency meal' kits

The emergency meals were featured on a TikTok video shared by a doomsday prepper

TikTok users were left wondering if there's something they don't know after a video about Costco's 'emergency meals' went viral.

It's always good to be prepared in the event of an emergency, but for most people, this involves having your phone close to hand, or knowing where the nearest hospital is.

For U.S. resident and TikTok user @CharminglyFrugal, being prepared means stocking up on food, seeds, tools and water in the event of some apocalyptic disaster that requires us to be self-sufficient.

It might sound like an extreme scenario to a lot of people, but in a world where anything can happen, I guess it can't hurt to have a few extra bags of rice tucked away.

The TikTok user regularly shares tips for end-of-the-world preparations, and last month she shared a video about some of the things Costco has to offer that could be useful.

In the video, the prepper shared the price details of 'emergency food' on offer at the store, including dried food that can be made edible with water, pouches filled with various meals, and freeze-dried ice cream sandwiches.

The emergency meal kits come with hundreds of servings.

Speaking about the ice cream, the TikToker said: "There's only six inside the container so it is quite expensive but I'm gonna pick one up because if [sh*t hits the fan] I'd rather be a little comfortable on a day that's a bummer."

Though Charmingly Frugal spoke casually about picking up the emergency meals, some of her viewers were alarmed at the realisation that Costco had a number of emergency meal kits up for grabs.

"Emergency food? what's going on?," one concerned TikToker wrote.

Another commented, "interesting. emergency food supply…like they know what is next to come," while a third wrote: "Is there an apocalypse happening?"

Though the thought of having to buy food to last in an emergency is an unnerving one, the fact that Costco are selling the kits is nothing new.

The wholesaler has actually been selling the kits for years, and has numerous different options, including canned food, milk and 'food supply basics', up for grabs.

The TikToker is well stocked in case of an emergency.

Charmingly Frugal has also made clear that Costco isn't the only store selling items that can be used in an emergency, with other videos focusing on Walmart and Sam's Club.

After seeing viewers' concerns on Charmingly Frugal's video, a number of other TikTok users responded to assure people that stocking up doesn't mean the world will end tomorrow.

"Guys it can be nice to have for sudden inclimate [sic] weather such as: tornadoes/hurricanes, floods, blizzards, etc. does nobody think of this?," one person pointed out.

Another agreed, adding: "Not talking about world ending, just in case food trucks can’t deliver due to weather/earthquake."

In response, Charmingly Frugal wrote: "Please say it louder for those in the back they do not understand that there is emergencies that can happen anywhere anytime."

I suppose you can never be too prepared!

You can find more of Charmingly Frugal's videos here.

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