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Man loves America so much he's got USA flag tanned on his chest

Man loves America so much he's got USA flag tanned on his chest

He's taken his dedication to his country to a new level

A guy has taken his love of the US to a new level after deliberately tanning his body to resemble the Stars and Stripes. You can’t fault his dedication to his country, I guess.

Joshua Falgoust, 34, a fighter pilot in the US Marine Corps, used a roll of tape to map out the flag of the United States of America - saying it was actually pretty easy and only took him 10 minutes to do, even after a few beers.

You can see the skin-flag in all its glory here:

With the tape securely in place, Joshua let the sun do the hard work while he enjoyed July 4 festivities with his pals at Pacific Beach, San Diego, California, USA.

In total, he spent around two-and-a-half hours baking in the sun in order for the patriotic pattern to fully transfer onto his skin, matching with his stars and stripes swim shorts - but you have to admit the results are pretty impressive, albeit probably not too good for his skin.

As you can imagine, the reaction he got from the public during the holiday weekend was largely positive, with Joshua saying he was inundated with offers of free drinks and high fives.

Joshua Falgoust used tape to mark out the flag.

Joshua, from Colorado, said: "Too many drinks to count were offered after I burned the flag onto my chest. I got lots of high fives and lots of cheers.

"I walked into the entryway facing the crowd and took my shirt off. Near instantaneously the crowd was cheering, so I started swinging my shirt over my head playing into it, and they got even louder."

I’m sure it was all fun and games at the time, but I’d hate to have been this guy when he woke up the next day with the double whammy of wide-spread sunburn all over his chest and a killer hangover from those aforementioned free drinks.

He said the incredible tan got him ‘too many free drinks’.

A clip of Joshua’s handiwork was shared on TikTok where it soon went viral, racking up millions of views and attracting plenty of comments.

Responding to the clip, one person said: “This man will have this framed in his hallway when he retires.”

Another wrote: “That's f***ing hilarious. I'd buy him a beer.”

A third joked: “This is more American than the founding fathers, I swear my allegiance to this man, and would follow him to the darkest corners of the globe.”

While someone else added: “I would like this 50x if I could. Underrated.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/@ericapecore/Caters

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