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Gripping video of cave explorer missing an air hole is hard for people to watch
Featured Image Credit: YouTube/Underground Explorers

Gripping video of cave explorer missing an air hole is hard for people to watch

A video of a cave explorer missing an air hole has gone viral online, with those who suffer from claustrophobia urged to avoid.

If you're a little claustrophobic and not a fan of confined spaces, then you might want to look away now.

A gripping video of a cave explorer missing an air hole has gone viral on social media, with the short clip making many people feel on edge.

A group of explorers came across an abandoned ranch that was bought by social media star Dr Matt Carriker.

They subsequently decided to jump into a flooded network of caves, but what happened next none of the group could have ever predicted.

Of course, exploring a flooded cave would not be the idea of fun for the majority of people, though the chaps attached to Underground Explorers thought it would be a fun venture.

The group of lads chucked on their wetsuits, loaded up into the rest of their gear and subsequently took the plunge.

For their YouTube channel, the group attached cameras to their heads as they navigated through the cave system.

The cave system was certainly a tricky one to navigate.
YouTube/Underground Explorers

As you'd probably expect with underwater caves, there is only just enough room for someone to breathe and see where they are going.

The group managed to successfully navigate themselves through the tunnel, with some parts having more room than others.

The middle part of the roof of the cave was certainly the easiest for the group, though a certain part of the system appeared very difficult to navigate.

It required them to pull themselves through the cave while on their back, essentially meaning they had to look at the roof in the hope they were heading in the right direction.

All was going well as the explorers navigated the tricky bit, until one of the party named Jacob got himself in a spot of bother.

Panic commenced in the cave.
YouTube/Underground Explorers

As seen in the viral video, which was uploaded earlier this month, Jacob loses his bearings of where the all-important air pocket is.

The camera went underwater for a few seconds, in what was a near-drowning experience.

But thankfully, he resurfaced and found air again - though he did seem pretty freaked out by the whole experience.

The video was reposted to the PublicFreakout Reddit forum, where many admitted it was a hard watch.

"This was so hard for me to watch lol took a puff of my asthma inhaler for no reason," one user penned.

"No kidding. I will never understand why people choose to do these things," a second added.

While a third remarked: "There could be a billion dollars cash in that cave and I’m still not going in."

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