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Cruise passengers 'freak out' as pod of whales burst through ocean surface

Cruise passengers 'freak out' as pod of whales burst through ocean surface

The group of whales put on a bit of a display for the cruise passengers

A woman doing a bit of whale watching aboard a cruise in Alaska was left ‘freaking out’ after an entire pod of the creatures burst out of the ocean and put on a bit of a display.

Whale watching can be a hit and miss, given that the animals aren’t exactly working to a set timetable - but it’s fair to say that this group of cruise passengers lucked out completely after getting the chance to see the incredible display.

You can see footage of the moment here:

The woman had been calmly filming through the window of the boat, while describing what she was looking at when all of a sudden a huge group of whales popped out of the water and into shot.

As the whales the breach the surface, the shocked whale watchers can be heard shouting out in surprise with the woman holding the camera exclaiming: “Holy s**t. Oh my God. What the heck? Oh wow. I am freaking out.”

However, she is relatively cool, calm and collected compared to some of the other passengers who can be heard literally shrieking and screaming as they witness the incredible sight.

Cruise passengers could be heard ‘freaking out’ as the whales breached the surface.

The footage was shared on TikTok by the woman’s son’s girlfriend, who wrote: “My bfs mom just casually sent us this from her cruise to Alaska.” Well, it seems like she certainly got her money’s worth on the whale watching tour.

Since sharing the clip, the post has gone viral, racking up more than three million views in just two days.

Fellow TikTok users were almost as blown away by the clip as the lady in the video, with one person commenting: “My soul would actually leave my body.” I'm pretty sure that actually happened to one of the people in the background, to be fair.

The ship came up close to the whales.

Another said: “That didn’t even look real. Like from another planet. Omg.”

Someone else wrote: Wowza! Once in a lifetime experience... that was AMAZING.”

A fourth praised the woman’s composure, joking: “I’m the full grown man scream coming from the back every time - her level of composure is unmatched.” She sure does have the most chilled 'freak out' I've ever heard.

While another person added: “I listened to this over and over again for the guy in the background. ‘OH MY GOD THE WHALES’.” How does it feel to go viral for your screams, buddy?

Featured Image Credit: TikTok / @Lindseehoweyadoin

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