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Man has to be rescued after getting himself stuck in a large vase at party

Man has to be rescued after getting himself stuck in a large vase at party

This guy got himself in quite a predicament

Now, we've all done some stupid things after having one too many drinks, but this guy takes the cake.

At what looks to have been a New Year's Eve bash in Alabama, one partygoer somehow got himself stuck in a large vase.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The hilarious yet confusing ordeal was live tweeted by someone else attending the party, and videos were later shared online, which have now gone viral.

"We have a man stuck in a decorative urn at this Mountain Brook house party. I repeat, we have a drunk man stuck in a large decorative urn at this Mountain Brook house party. Details as they develop," X-user @CasualThursday posted.

They proceeded to share another nine tweets about the then-ongoing situation, and revealed the answer to the question we're all thinking... how the hell did he get out?

X-user @CasualThursday live tweeted the ordeal.

"My view is obscured by the gathering crowd but I can hear the tinkering of a hammer and makeshift screwdriver chisel, mixed with the frustrated, panicked grunts of the captive," they went on to post.

"There’s a cracking sound and the crowd cheers. He is free! The urn has been shattered and our hero emerges unscathed. Our long national nightmare is over."

As to why the guy - who has since been named as Connor Padgett - got into the vase remains a mystery.

In the videos that have been doing the rounds online, Connor is seen trapped in the urn from the waist down.

One clip shows people sharing words of encouragement as he tried to get himself out of the vase, while a second video shows the moment Connor was finally broken out of it.

According to the person who had been live tweeting the ordeal, the vase was rumoured to cost as much as $3,000.

It's unclear how and why Connor ended up in the large urn.

People have had some hilarious reactions to the unusual situation (which we can now all laugh about knowing that Connor is safe and well).

"He should have to live his life in there like a hermit crab," quipped one person on social media.

"Wtf, is this the world's worst Genie?" questioned another.

A third joked: "He's not getting out until I get my 3 wishes."

Elsewhere, someone else hailed Connor as 'Pot Zilla'.

"He’s never living this s**t down," wrote a different person, and they're probably right.

Viral stardom or not, this probably isn't a stunt you want to try at home, kids.

Featured Image Credit: X/@TheWapplehouse

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