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Man shares video of rollercoaster looking scarily unsafe

Man shares video of rollercoaster looking scarily unsafe

The North Carolina rollercoaster was shaking with every ride

Carnival rides and rollercoasters are quite literally all fun and games, but one video might make you think twice the next time you hop on board.

Before I continue, I must stress that there are countless theme parks and carnival rides out there where everything is absolutely above board, the checks are all done and everyone is as safe as they can be while zooming upside down in a little train suspended in mid-air.

That being said, there is the occasional time when things go wrong, for whatever reason. It might be that some bolt comes loose or the mechanics malfunction, and that can cause a lot of issues.

Basically, you just don't want your rollercoaster to look like this:

The above video is said to have been taken at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair, which took place earlier this month in Asheville, North Carolina. Though it sounds like people on the ride are enjoying themselves, they might be less excited if they knew what was going on below them.

The man at the fairground, James Butler, points out two issues that are probably worth looking in to, the first apparently being a literal part of the rollercoaster's structure.

The metal leg is obviously doing something to help balance the rollercoaster, because it can be seen moving and shaking as the carriage does loops around the track. This might not be as unnerving if the leg wasn't balanced on what looks to be a few rickety planks of wood, with each rotation of the rollercoaster seemingly bringing it closer to the edge.

The ride didn't appear to be properly secured.

A second apparent issue with the ride is the fact that one of the cables, presumably used to help stabilise the track, looks like it isn't connected where it's supposed to be.

Admittedly the fact that the ride is still running smoothly in the video indicates these two features might not be necessarily a vital part of its operation, but it's still unnerving to see the ride shaking while apparently not entirely secured.

The video has prompted concern from TikTok users after it was shared online, with many encouraging Butler to inform staff members at the fair of the issues while others recalled their own scary experiences with rollercoasters.

"I was on a ride called the Hammerhead, brakes failed and my harness came undone. Almost fell to my death," one person responded.

Though rollercoasters definitely can be a lot of fun, videos like this prove it's maybe worth giving them a second look before you hand your life over to the operators and strap in.

UNILAD has reached out to the North Carolina Mountain State Fair for comment.

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Featured Image Credit: @wellandsepticlife/TikTok

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