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Fans divided as Uno introduce controversial new rule to game

Fans divided as Uno introduce controversial new rule to game

Uno are changing the rules of the game and not everyone is happy about it.

Uno wants you to know that stacking +4 and +2 cards isn't a thing you're allowed to do but there is a way to get out of picking up if you've got the right card in your hand.

In many people's lives there's been a moment where someone has brought out an Uno deck and suggested everybody get round the table for a game.

A few minutes later everyone is usually wondering what kind of cruel, backstabbing monsters they're playinh with and whether they were ever really friends in the first place.

Playing a +4 card is a betrayal on par with Judas giving up Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, or Brutus murdering Caesar, it's unforgivable and will condemn you to a special place in hell.

For lots of players who suddenly discover they've been betrayed the only way to get round suffering from the dreaded +4 or +2 card is to get 'stacking', meaning playing another + card to pass the burden onto the next player.

If you play a +4 Uno card you're a monster.
Wachiwit / Alamy Stock Photo

This can lead to the pickup penalty reaching insane levels as more and more players pile on +2 and +4 cards to wriggle their way out of picking up close to half the Uno deck, but Uno themselves have said this isn't in the rules.

They say if you get hit with a +4 card you've got to take your punishment and pick up those four cards, even if loads of Uno players have stacking as a house rule they've been using for years.

Uno has been very clear and insistent that you're not allowed to stack + cards, while plenty of fans have been just as insistent that they might have made the game but they're playing it wrong.

No longer will you have to pick up half the deck after other players have been stacking + cards.
Keitma / Alamy Stock Photo

However, Uno has clarified that one thing players can do if slapped with a +2 card is to play a skip card of the same colour, which will allow you to pass your turn without picking up and push the penalty onto the next poor soul.

For plenty of players this is basically a new rule, and fans have been divided as to whether it's really a better way of playing than letting everyone around the table stack + cards until some unfortunate person has to pick them up.

When you get down to it, isn't it much more fun to see how high you can stack the pickup pile until it inevitably comes crashing down on one of the players?

I say fun... at least as long as it's not you.

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Featured Image Credit: Armen Gharibyan / Zoran Kompar / Alamy Stock Photo

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