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Woman absolutely devastated after purchasing the unluckiest lottery ticket in history

Woman absolutely devastated after purchasing the unluckiest lottery ticket in history

Woman laughs through the terrible pain of having the unluckiest lottery ticket ever.

When you don’t win the lottery each week its easy to tell yourself you were just unlucky, but it's doubtful you have been as unlucky as one British woman.

Let’s be honest, most of us probably won’t win the lottery big. You might win a couple dollars here and there, maybe even a couple hundred if you're lucky.

But winning the top prizes or jackpots? Yeah, pretty unlikely, but hey you got to have a ticket to be in with a chance.

But one woman might have to consider giving up playing again after coming agonizingly close to being set for life.

X user Nicole shared two images on her page, one showing the winning numbers of the UK’s National Lottery, Set for Life ticket on March 18, 2024.

For this game, if you win the top prize, you get £10,000 every month for the next 30 years, so you might not be a millionaire but you are certainly sitting pretty for the foreseeable future.

The winning numbers for the March 18 draw were 02, 11, 19, 38, 43, Life ball: 06.

Nicole shared her ticket to show just how close she was to winning the top prize.

Now, when you look at Nicole’s numbers, it is just brutally cruel how close she came to winning.

She shared another image showing that her numbers were 03, 12, 20, 39, 44, Life ball 06.

For the first five numbers she was just won off... heartbreaking stuff.

Now, you would think the internet might offer a shoulder to cry on, but many just found the bizarre unfortunate turn of events rather funny.

“It’s quite funny, but that’s a lot closer than I ever get!! Poor you! Next time,” one user wrote.

“I was one number away from winning the set for life prize for 30 years last year 🤣 still bugs me here and there,” added another.

“This exact thing happened to me when i was 19 you never get over it,” another user commented.

Nicole joked that the universe didn't want her to win the lottery.
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“This would piss me off until I was 65 years old,” a fourth person joked.

Nicole seemed to take it in stride though and even joked about her unlucky fortune.

“This is a sick joke yeno am still staring at it,” she wrote in a post.

“It wasn’t in the univers’ plan to let me live my life... the haters won this time.

“Most bizarre thing that’s ever happened to me yeno,” she concluded.

I guess she can take comfort in knowing that in an alternate universe she likely won and is living it up now.

Featured Image Credit: urbancow/Getty / x/@nicole21060

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