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Travellers left disappointed after hiking for hours to 'breathtaking' Insta-famous beach spot

Travellers left disappointed after hiking for hours to 'breathtaking' Insta-famous beach spot

Travellers were left disappointed after they reached the Insta-famous beach spot in Australia

Two travellers have been left disappointed after they experienced a true case of Instagram vs reality.

The Figure Eights Pool in Lilyvale, New South Wales, Australia, has become a popular attraction just to take a few snaps for the 'gram' in recent months.

It is located along the coast of Sydney's Royal National Park near Burning Palms Beach and an hour's drive from the city.

Many have headed to the coast to check out the pools that are known for their uniquely formed shapes.

Some have taken to social media to post pictures of themselves at this tourist attraction - and quite frankly, in the photos, it looks beautiful.

But some travel vloggers are discovering that the reality of the tourist hotspot is not all what it's meant to be.

One of those is Jessica Henderson, who posted a video to TikTok outlining her experience at the Figure Eights Pool.

Starting off the TikTok, she said: "Whoever told you the Figure Eight Pools were bucket list-worthy is lying to you and let me show you why."

Jessica took her viewers through the hike, which she described as 'never-ending'.

The hike to the attraction was a long one.

The TikToker and her boyfriend went through all kinds of terrain to get to the attraction, including bushes, rocky areas, but also a very nice-looking beach.

The final bit before the pair got to the end destination was a rocky incline, where both posed for photos.

But when the couple arrived at the pools, they were disappointed to discover that they were nothing like the pictures they had seen on social media.

They found a series of murky swimming holes, and only one they say had the recognisable figure-eight shape.

Jessica's boyfriend laughed: "Did we come all the way here for that?" While Jessica couldn't believe they walked all that way for just one pool.

When they reached the destination, they were rather disappointed.

"This one's kind of pretty but still not going in and this is probably the highlight of the trip," she said showing a bigger, clearer rock pool nearby.

"Time to go straight back to the car."

Hundreds of people have taken to the comment section of the viral TikTok, with many also shocked at how different they look in real life compared to on Instagram.

One person said: "Whoever hyped up the figure 8 pool I hope both sides of their pillow is warm."

A second added: "That's what happens when you only do it for the pic."

While a third remarked: "I always tell tourists don’t go. It’s almost a whole day wasted for one/two hole(s) in the ground, and you’ll be sweaty and bothered when you get back."

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/jess_hendersonn/TikTok

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