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People are only just noticing hidden image on Toblerone logo

People are only just noticing hidden image on Toblerone logo

Have you spotted the hidden image in the Toblerone logo?

Have you spotted the hidden image in the Toblerone logo? If not, then keep on reading...

Ah, Toblerones! Let's be honest, they're the best bit about going through duty-free at an airport.

But it turns out that the Swiss milk chocolate that keeps us sustained for the plane ride has a strange image hidden on its logo.

While we thought we'd stared at the red and yellow logo enough for it to be etched into our memories forever, it seems that we weren't looking hard enough, as one Twitter user called Stephanie found out.

We can't believe we've never seen this before.
I-Wei Huang/Alamy Stock Photo

Stephanie was introducing her son to the pure joy that is Toblerone when he noticed something hidden in the mountains on the packaging and promptly shared the news to Twitter: "My son had his first Toblerone today. 'What’s the bear for?' Me: 'what bear?'

"I was today years old when I found out there’s a bear in the Toblerone logo."

Yep, there's a whole bear in the Toblerone logo and now we can't look at the packaging without being shocked.

So, for anyone wondering why there's a bear in the logo, it's actually the symbol of Bern, Switzerland, where the delicious chocolate originates from, while the mountain it hides within represents the Matterhorn.

Though we weren't alone in not recognising the sneaky bear, with 30.6k users on Twitter seeming to agree with Stephanie.

One user wrote: "I had never seen that!!! Your son is brilliant!"

A second said that they couldn't believe they'd gone decades without noticing: "oh my god - never noticed it before and I've been eating the damned things for decades."

Meanwhile a third went to investigate the packaging for themselves and, obviously, found the bear: "71 yrs old, 50 Christmas' of Toblerone and after a search of the package, I FINALLY found the Bear! Your son is brilliant!"

This visual really helped.

While another suggested that Stephanie should get her son involved in art: "Oh wow, get him drawing, he sees negative space first. I shall think of this for days. Mainly because I haven't had a toblerone for years and now want one. but also - cool."

Others, however, didn't give two f**ks about the bear, and just wanted to find their favourite variation of the bar: "Forget the bear, I'm still trying to find a dark chocolate version."

To be fair, the dark chocolate version is ridiculously hard to source.

Either way, have you seen the sneaky Toblerone bear before?

Featured Image Credit: Denis Michaliov / McPhoto/Kerpa / Alamy Stock Photo

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