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People raging over man addicted to eating raw meat's reaction to doctor's advice
Featured Image Credit: TLC

People raging over man addicted to eating raw meat's reaction to doctor's advice

The meat-eater has sparked a rather heated discussion online

People are raging over the reaction of a man addicted to eating raw meat to his doctor's advice.

The raw meat-eater, Weston, appeared on an episode of TLC's My Strange Addiction: Still Addicted where he paid his doc a visit and found out he had E. coli - bacteria commonly found in the lower intestine.

His doctor urged him to step away from his raw meat diet, but Weston clearly has no plans of stopping anytime soon. Check it out:

Weston, 40, has now eaten more than '4,300 pounds' of raw meat over just the past four years and, at the request of his mother, he saw a gastroenterologist to discuss his peculiar addiction.

After analyzing a stool sample, Dr Marc Scheer told Weston he had some 'serious concerns'.

"I feel like I know some things that some mainstream doctors definitely don't know because I've researched some unconventional things," Weston claimed. "So yeah, I feel like I know a little bit more."

The doctor explained to Weston that the E. coli bacteria he found in his stools could potentially lead to 'renal or kidney failure' and 'even death'.

"Our bodies normally have certain strains of E. coli in it," Dr Scheer went on. "This one is abnormal. And it's probably secondary to the raw meat that you've been ingesting."

The doctor raised his 'serious concerns' with Weston's raw meat diet.

Weston then clarified: "So I'm under the impression that we normally have E. coli in our intestine, right?"

"Absolutely," the doc confirmed.

"So is this something that is normally found in our intestines or..." Weston asked before Dr Scheer clarified: "This one isn't. This is one that you typically don't see."

Scheer went on the reveal: "Unfortunately, all it takes is one serving of chicken, one serving of beef, one serving of neurologic tissue, brains, eyeballs that could tip him over the edge and have serious complications."

He then advised Weston: "My recommendation to you would be to avoid the raw meat, avoid the organ tissue, the brains, the raw beef and chicken. That can put you at risk."

Weston replied: "I appreciate that."

However, he stated he was 'probably going to continue eating raw meat'.

"If I start feeling bad, I'll come in for a visit," he added. "But until then, I'll just probably keep on trucking."

Weston said he was 'probably going to continue eating raw meat' despite the doctor's advice.

The TLC clip has since been uploaded to YouTube with dozens of viewers rushing to the comments to share their reactions to the whole thing.

One YouTube user revealed: "Watching him tear into raw animal flesh made me literally sick to my stomach. Dude is just walking around with E. coli like it’s nothing."

A second hit out: "The arrogance of thinking you know better than a doctor who went through years of medical school because you did some internet 'research' is beyond me."

"Not that my opinion matters, but that guy is insane, that is gross," declared a third. "If I were him, I would do what the doctor says, but if he doesn't, it's his own fault."

A fourth wondered: "How is he not puking his guts out? I ate some undercooked steak the other day and thought I'd die."

A final YouTube user penned: "A doctor can lead you into the right direction, but he can’t make you change!"

That's for certain.

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