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Flight attendant says there’s one part of the plane that is dirtier than the toilets because it never gets cleaned

Flight attendant says there’s one part of the plane that is dirtier than the toilets because it never gets cleaned

A flight attendant and TikToker Flight Bae B explain what the dirtiest surface is on a plane.

Flight attendant and TikToker Flight Bae B explains what the dirtiest surface is on a plane.

Make sure your tray table is upright, your seatbelt is fastened, and prepare for some of the grossest inflight information we've ever heard.

Yes, this is worse than the time Flight Bae B told us not to use toilet paper while travelling.

For those unfamiliar, the TikToker has made a series of helpful videos explaining the dos and don'ts for airline passengers that have saved us this summer.

So, what's her newest piece of advice? Avoid the backseat pocket at all costs.

Why? Because it's easily the dirtiest surface on board, with the TikToker explaining: "Do you know that seat back pockets are actually the dirtiest surface on the aircraft. They're dirtier than the lavatories, they're dirtier than the seat cushions, and they're dirtier than the tray table, and let me tell you why."

I think we're all itching to find out at this point and the answer will, well, make you feel a little itchy.

To be fair, we probably should've seen this one coming - look at it.
Anze Furlan / Alamy Stock Photo

Flight Bae B goes on to explain: "Unless somebody vomits, or there's something ooey, gooey, or pussing coming out of there it doesn't get cleaned."

Yep, so unless the previous person in your seat threw up, chances are your back seat pocket is dirtier than a P.E lost and found box.

The content creator added: "All cleaners do is go in and take out the trash. So all of those germs have accumulated and there's no real regular maintenance or cleaning of those surfaces. Whereas lavatories are regularly wiped down and sanitised."

And we're never touching the back pocket again, with others on TikTok just as horrified at the news.

One user who's probably grabbing sanitiser as we speak said: "I usually put my phone there," Flight Bae B responded with a reassuring: "Stop it lol."

Yep,  back seat pockets are dirtier than the loo.

Even more horrifying is a second user who offered up some anecdotal evidence: "This is very true! I once saw a parent place a used diaper in the seat back pocket."

And, if you're thinking surely, that's a one-off, it's absolutely not, with Flight Bae B adding that the diaper dump is a 'crowd favourite'.

A third, pretty smugly said: "And yet people a t surprised when I wear gloves on the plane."

To be fair, the surprise depends on the type of gloves, if you're wearing yellow marigolds on a plane we're asking for a seat swap - regardless of the backseat pocket situation.

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Featured Image Credit: @flightbae.b/TikTok

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