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Teacher fired for being on OnlyFans after photos were distributed to 'humiliate' her

Teacher fired for being on OnlyFans after photos were distributed to 'humiliate' her

A teacher from the US who was fired for uploading explicit content to OnlyFans now makes £9,000 a month from the adult site.

A teacher who was fired for posting explicit pictures of herself on OnlyFans has said the raunchy pictures of her were distributed to 'humiliate'.

Sarah Juree, 40, decided to upload content to the adult website while still working in the classroom in Indiana, US.

The former teacher was teaching as part of Department of Defence's Starbase program, which included educating STEM subjects to fifth grade or year 6 students.

The money Sarah was making from teaching was not enough to make ends meet, so she decided to turn to OnlyFans to ease the financial pressure.

Sarah had been persuaded to venture to OnlyFans by a friend who had made quite a bit of money on the site, so she decided to try it out for herself.

However, Sarah's life was soon to turn upside down after a local reporter caught wind of the teacher's presence on OnlyFans and published an exposé.

Sarah was subsequently sacked by her employers but continues to do OnlyFans to this day.

Sarah continues to use OnlyFans to this day.

Despite her sacking, there is certainly not a hole in Sarah's bank account as she says she now earns £9,000 per month by selling her X-rated content.

However, the former teacher admits she is still hurt by losing her job and the way her photos were distributed.

Speaking on the 20 Minutes Of Your Time podcast, Sarah said: "When someone uses your photos and distributes them all over a social media platform in an effort to humiliate you, it's devastating.

"Even on OnlyFans, the photos distributed were consensual and behind a paywall.

"It's a different type of feeling to be victimised by someone weaponising technology and photos against you.

"I feel like this concept of revenge porn is a warning against woman and women's bodies."

Sarah has slammed her sacking from the teaching role, suggesting that double standards played a part in the outcome.

She said: "Everyone is very familiar with the idea of a d*** pic and men sending pictures of their penises to women.

Sarah has slammed the double standards which she believed played a part in her sacking.

"It's become an acceptable part of dating culture, yet men aren't getting fired for those pictures.

"Those pictures are not considered pornographic.

"Yet my picture, and my nude photos of a female body, was considered pornographic, it was considered wrong and shameful – even a fire-able offence."

As well as an OnlyFans creator, Sarah is also a mum and has previously explained how she described her new job to her children as a 'social media influencer'.

Featured Image Credit: @sarahjuree/Instagram

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