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Man who spent $33,000 on body modifications says he gets hate from religious people

Man who spent $33,000 on body modifications says he gets hate from religious people

Cameron Lee Bright has had a lot of work done, but he doesn't think he's a 'devil' by any stretch of the imagination

A man who has modified his body by having more than 100 hours of tattoos and a whole load of piercings has been told that he looks like a ‘devil’ by people who don’t even know him.

28-year-old Cameron Lee Bright has spent around $33,000 on his mission to alter his physical appearance, having some piercings so large that he can pass unusual stuff through them.

That’s largely in his nose, with his septum currently at 23 millimetres, but this is just the beginning for Cameron.

He’s also split his tongue, spent literally days in total under the needle, had silicon ribs implanted under the skin on his torso, and also put beads under the skin on his penis.

In short, the guy likes body modification.

Bright was raised as a Christian, and nowadays works in a warehouse in California, but says that his appearance can be too much for some people, who have even branded him as a ‘devil’.

Obviously, he doesn't believe he's a devil at all.
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Of course, he argues that they couldn’t be more misinformed.

Cameron said: "I'm introverted but like to show people how much in common we have regardless of how different I may look.

"I currently have 28 piercings with most stretched and probably close to 100 hours of tattoos.

"I have spent £30k but probably even more if I really thought about it and broke it down on body modifications since I was like 15.

"It doesn't seem like a lot when you look at other people's hobbies and aspirations.

“They probably spend a similar amount on their project cars, sports, raves and concerts."

This isn’t a decision he’s taken overnight, either.

He's spent $33k, but he's far from finished.
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He claims that his desire to change his body started when he was just a kid, and he didn’t hang around as soon as he could do it.

"I've always liked the idea of changing my look since I was little," he continued.

"I remember being five and wanting to cover myself in cereal box tattoos all the time.

“I probably really started to change my look around 13 or 14 when I started to dress more alternative.

"Then in high school, I moved to piercings and it progressed up until now when I'm in my adulthood.

"The reason I changed my appearance is sort of complicated.

“I honestly don't really have a legit answer for it. I like to do what brings me joy and this brings me joy.”

Well, what better reason, right?

He added: “I like how it looks and the anthropological history of body modifications really interests me.

"Changing my body just gives me a better understanding of what's internal to me. A strong sense of self and self-love.

"The most hate and rude remarks I get are from religious people and it just doesn't make sense to me.

"Their God is described as a wonderful deity that I can respect but the people don't practice what they preach so I don't want to be part of the hypocrisy.

"There's a lot of 'predators' in the church too that get protected.

"I get negative comments online all day but no one would ever say this in person so it's hard to even take what they said seriously, it's just funny to me."

He says most of the comments he receives are from religious folks.
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He is far from done, too.

"My body modification quest is far from over,” he said.

"I'm planning over 80 percent tattoo coverage, stretching several more piercings to larger sizes, subdermal implants and many more piercings.

"My next project is more black-out tattoos and silicone implant spines in my thumbs and a skull in the hand.

"Everyone be who they are, be weird, enjoy the things you do, treat the people around you well, spread the love and live your best life.

"You only get one life so live it how you want."

That's not a bad way to look at it.

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