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People are discovering the gross way tattoo ink leaves your body when you get laser removal

People are discovering the gross way tattoo ink leaves your body when you get laser removal

Urine for a treat with this revelation.

The internet is now discovering what happens to tattoo ink when it leaves the body after you get laser removal.

Everyone's got their own reasons for wanting to part with their tattoos.

Sometimes they regret their decision for self-customisation, or maybe they’ve broken up with an ex and no longer want that person’s name on them, or perhaps they simply want a fresh new look.

And it seems only a few people know how laser removal works, which is evident after a Reddit user shared the unexpected way the ink is removed from the body.

Laser tattoo removal is a tough process.
Robert Przybysz / Alamy Stock Photo

Reddit users were asked to share ‘a creepy fact about the human body’ and the post about laser tattoo removal is one of the most popular – and it’s no surprise why.

The account wrote: “When you get laser tattoo removal the ink doesn’t disappear, you pee it out.

“Your body’s immune system breaks down the pigments of ink and it flows in your bloodstream, gets processed through your kidneys, then you pee out the ink.”

And fellow Reddit followers reacted with shock, with one person asking: “So if one got a s**tload of tattoo removed in one session, would their pee come out a little inky-looking?”

The laser is only one aspect of the tattoo removal process.
BSIP SA / Alamy Stock Photo

Another Reddit user quipped: “If you get loads removed, urine trouble,” while a confused commenter penned: “Does your pee look black then?”

And another person shared: “I thought your skin peels or something from the laser burn.”

While someone else asked: “Why would you have them removed instead of covered?”

Tattoos can be removed gradually over a series of laser removal sessions.

The laser works by breaking down the tattoo ink into small fragments, which are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream and passed out of the body.

This is because the ink is recognised as waste within the immune system and it is then removed from the body through sweat, fecal matter or urine.

But don’t get excited or scared - depending on your vibe - about your pee possibly looking like black tar if you’re in the process of getting body art removed. It won’t change the colour of your urine.

And it's certainly not an easy, or cheap process to go through.

The body's immune system helps to get rid of the ink particles.
Евгений Вершинин / Alamy Stock Photo

Laser tattoo removal is rarely available on the NHS and the cost usually depends on the size.

According to the NHS, prices may range from £50 for a single session to remove a small tattoo to over a grand for several sessions to get rid of larger ones.

The process can be uncomfortable and it’s notoriously slow. Sometimes 10 or more sessions are all that's needed for tatts to be completely gone.

Many tattoos cannot be removed completely and it’s not uncommon for some ink to be left in the skin while some colours - such as yellow, green and purple - do not fade as well as others.

Sessions also should be carried out by a professional, so it is recommended that proper research is done.

So, if you are thinking about getting a partner's name brandished on your body, you might want to think hard about it.

Featured Image Credit: @tattooremovalok / TikTok / Vitaly Agababyan / Alamy Stock Photo

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