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Officer saves kidnapped woman during traffic stop after she mouthed ‘help me’

Officer saves kidnapped woman during traffic stop after she mouthed ‘help me’

North Myrtle Beach Police have praised one of their officers for saving a kidnapped woman during traffic stop

A South Carolina police officer has been praised for saving a kidnapped woman who mouthed ‘help me’ during a traffic stop.

Officer Wallace, of North Myrtle Beach Police, was patrolling US Hwy 17 on May 28th at around 5:30 am when she noticed a white jeep driving through a red light at the intersection.

After conducting a traffic stop on the vehicle, which contained the female driver and a male passenger, she noticed that the woman seemed extremely distressed.

Officer Wallace of North Myrtle Beach Police.
North Myrtle Beach Police

As the man looked away from the driver, she silently mouthed 'help me' repeatedly to the policewoman.

Quick-thinking Officer Wallace then removed the passenger from the vehicle and put him in the backseat of a patrol car.

The woman then told Officer Wallace that the passenger had allegedly just shot someone and forced her to take the wheel.

Within moments, 'a 'Bolo' (Be On the Look Out) was sent over the radio from dispatch regarding a vehicle that was just involved in a shooting in the county', police said.

"Due to Officer Wallace proactively patrolling the streets of North Myrtle Beach, even to the last 30 minutes of her shift, a suspect in a shooting was arrested and an unlawfully carried pistol was recovered underneath the suspect's seat," North Myrtle Beach Police said in a statement posted on Facebook.

"Our department and our community is lucky to have Officer Wallace. Great Job!"

The passenger has since been identified as 29-year-old Collins Bates, who faces several charges, including attempted murder and kidnapping.

He is currently being held at J. Reuben Long Detention Center under no bond.

The passenger has since been identified as 29-year-old Collins Bates.

Officer Wallace has received heaps of praise on social media, with one user writing: "Way to go!!! And to pull someone for running a red light is just about unheard of these days.

"I’m proud of her for her actions today.

"She probably saved that lady’s life."

Another added: "Wow this story gave me chills. Thank you to Officer Wallace for her quick thinking, good judgment and great courage."

"Great job ma’am! That’s a prime example as why minor traffic violations should never be ignored. Thank you for your service and thank God for protecting you!" wrote a third.

"Thank you Officer Wallace for putting yourself open harms way everyday to protect the citizens of NMB and surrounding area. You are appreciated," penned a fourth.

"Nice job Officer, stay safe and continue the good work!!" someone else said.

Featured Image Credit: North Myrtle Beach Police/WMBF-TV

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