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Server horrified as table of 21 ask for separate check

Server horrified as table of 21 ask for separate check

The server was not best pleased the group of 21 all asked to pay separately

The conversation about restaurant etiquette is a rather spicy on TikTok, one that can cause a lot of heated debate on the popular platform.

Some of the more contested debates online involve how much you should tip a waiter, to splitting the dreaded check.

The videos on TikTok typically involve the servers venting their frustrations at customers who come into their place of work.

And this latest one involves a Dave & Buster server who took to TikTok to join in the debate around splitting bills after grub has been consumed.

The woman, who goes by the name of Dana, said that a large table of 21 she was serving one night asked for separate checks.

Dana uploaded a short 12-second clip to her account where she showed her cash register’s screen as she taps individual items onto each check.

In the text overlay, the server wrote: "When a 21 top comes in and they all want separate checks."

After tapping each individual item onto separate checks, Dana filmed all the receipts pouring out of the printer, and it is fair to say that there was a lot of them. 21, in fact.

In hand, the TikToker also had the signed receipt folded, which certainly would have made it quite the mission for the server.

The receipts certainly piled up.
TikTok/ @danasigns

Despite their time-consuming request, Dana added in the caption: "No hate to these people AT ALL! THEY WERE SO NICE."

In the comments, the content creator added: "Guys yes I did ask them at the beginning how many checks they had. I like to put it all on one and then split it so everyone’s foods comes out together."

Since the TikTok was uploaded earlier this month, hundreds of users have flocked to the comment section to get involved in the discussion.

The content creator started a bit of a debate on TikTok.
TikTok/ @danasigns

"I remember these days. So not fun, I hope they paid with cards and tipped well," one former server wrote.

A second person added: "sometimes they all just order the same thing 😭 like just have one person pay for it and everyone else give them their share."

Meanwhile, a third remarked: "What's the complaint that's 21 chances of receiving a tip... you know you got at least $21."

Dana is not the only person to get involved in restaurant etiquette debate, as last month, a bar server sparked a heated debate after suggesting that waiting staff should confront customers who don't tip.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @danasigns

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