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Man sends out warning to people who have a push to start car
Featured Image Credit: ssllllllxx/TikTok

Man sends out warning to people who have a push to start car

Do you have a push-start car? Well, listen up because on TikToker has some life-changing information.

Do you have a push-start car? Well, listen up because one TikToker has some life-changing information.

Ah, push-start cars. We finally feel like we're living in the future and honestly, it's way easier than fumbling around with a cold set of keys every time you want to pop out to Maccies.

But, even brilliant inventions have their drawback and, as one content creator explained, you might want to get a case for your push start keys.

Check out someone trying to steal a push-start car:


So, what exactly is the issue with push-start cars?

Well, as content creator @shortfireplug (great name) explained, you need to keep your key fob covered.

Captioning the video: "Just a safety measure against car thieves," the TikToker explained how your car could be stolen if it has a push start.

"Do you have a push button start a key fob? The key fob transmits a signal nonstop even when your keys are in your house. Seats can scan your signal 300 feet away and make a duplicate fob and steal your vehicle. The Faraday bag suppresses the signal," he explained.

This is how thieves can scan your keys.

And, honestly, we were shocked, to say the least, but the whole thing does make a lot of sense, because it turns out that the TikToker was right on the money, with safety experts at Car Lock explaining that keys can indeed be cloned from signal.

They said: "You can block your car key signal using simple metal foil wrapped around the fob and key. Faraday boxes and bags are available as well, which do the same thing. You may want to consider having one of these at home, and one that you use for your keys while you are out and have them in your pocket."

And it's safe to say that people on TikTok were as surprised by the revelation as we were, with one person saying: "I’m getting one! Thanks! 🥰🥰"

The criminal was gone in seconds.

While another added that it's the reason they don't have a push start car: "That New tech is nice and all, but I’ll stick with my Ford which is an actual key & has an entry key pad that’s the way I like it."

A third said that the cloning technology might actually be really handy for misplacing your keys: "I need what the thieves have so when I misplace my keys 😂"

Still, the advice came a little too late for one TikToker @ssllllllxx, who urged people to put their keys away, after one thief stole their car using the signal scanner: "Don’t keep your keys at your front door! Within seconds they were gone! Please call police ASAP with any information if this happens to you. Stay safe."

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