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People spot 'proof' time travelling exists after Greta Thunberg 'spotted' in old snap

People spot 'proof' time travelling exists after Greta Thunberg 'spotted' in old snap

People reckon the climate change activist was snapped in 120-year-old photo

Social media users reckon Greta Thunberg could be a time traveller after someone uncovered an 120-year-old photo that appears to show the climate change activist. 

Thunberg, 19, has become known across the globe for her no-nonsense approach to climate change, regularly calling out world leaders on their inaction and taking part in school climate strikes that were replicated by students around the world. No mean feat when you’re still in your teens. 

However, now it seems that she could appear to be wise beyond her years because she’s actually a time traveller - check it out:

The 1898 photo, taken by snapper Eric Hegg, shows three kids working in a gold mine in Canada’s Yukon territory - and one of them bears an uncanny resemblance to the teenage climate change activist

To add to the mystery, none of the children in the photograph are named, meaning it’s impossible to pin down their identity - so can we really rule out time travel?

The snap first surfaced back in 2019, leaving social media users reeling over the similarity. 

Posting on Twitter, one person commented: “I'm not one for conspiracy theories but she is 100 percent a time traveller.”

Another said: “'So 'Greta Thunberg' is in a photo from 120 years ago, and it's my new favourite conspiracy. Greta's a time traveller, from the future, and she's here to save us.”

Jasper Chamber / Alamy Stock Photo

While a third wrote: “120-year-old photo sparks theories that climate activist & environmental heroine, Greta Thunberg, is, in fact, a 'time-travel' who has travelled thru time to save our planet!

"Wishing her all the best and success in her mission to save the Earth. We can use the help we can get!”

Someone else joked: “It is safe to say that @GretaThunberg must have used a solar-powered time machine to time travel.”

The photo, which belongs to the University of Washington in Seattle, attracted plenty of attention with archivist Lisa Oberg telling CBC in 2019: “We’ve had about 15 to 20 requests just to talk about the photo, and we’re getting into almost the triple digits now, in terms of requests to use the photo.”

Thunberg is yet to comment on claims she has the ability to travel through time, but to be fair to her she is quite busy trying to save the planet. 

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Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/University of Washington

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